Parents concerned about the Common Core State  Standards c.2010 should take a chuckle (not) from the annual April 1st foolery from the Fordham Institute. There has been much talk lately that the move to change the name of Common Core State Standards c.2010 to “(insert your state’s name here) Learning Standards”.  It is simply nothing than a renaming of the copyrighted standards.  Remember that CCSSO copyright that doesn’t allow states to alter the standards, even though we are paying for the privilege of using them?

To make the Common Core State Standards c.2010 more palatable to legislators, parents and other citizens, states are using the schtick that they aren’t CCSS anymore.  Isn’t that a hoot?  Our governor, commissioner and state board of education signed an agreement that we would use CCSS.  Just calling them something different doesn’t make CCSS disappear.

So courtesy of Fordham, here is its April Fools rendition of what your state standards should be renamed:

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gadfly rebranding map

Isn’t that just too funny?

Tell that to this mother whose child is dealing with Common Core State Standards c.2010.


The fun Fordham has with Common Core State Standards c.2010 is not fun to the people who have to teach it, learn it or deal with their children dealing with developmentally inappropriate standards and the curriculum accompanying the standards.  I’m sure Fordham will get back to the serious discussions on what this does to children after today.

It can tell us (again) how CCSS is like an experiment and building an airplane in mid-air, or in song to appeal to the Eli Broad Foundation, or how it is so concerned about Missouri’s standards a representative flew all the way to Missouri to inform the Legislature of that fact, or better yet, how CCSS will only make students ready for two year community college.

This is the Foundation that was to write the talking points for CCSSO against the HSLDA movie “Building the Machine”.  This is the Foundation Missouri DESE keeps having represent the state agency with its “expert” witnesses.

The joke’s on us.


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