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Will the government engineer  cheeseburgers out of paradise?

The Federal Government is now deciding that in the interest of food sustainability, carbon footprints, healthy Americans, obesity and other issues surrounding food consumption, “population behavior change” must occur for Americans.  From Federal Dietary Guideline Committee Focused on ‘Population Behavior Change’:

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee on Friday emphasized the need for the group to institute “population behavior change” in order to engineer healthier Americans.

DGAC Chair Barbara Millen said the upcoming report would serve as the “foundation for public policy and food nutrition, physical activity, and health-related areas.” The group will release new recommendations for federal food policy in the 2015 report.

Millen said the “potential is vast” for their recommendations, which deal with everything from “sustainability” in the food supply to “carbon footprints,” food deserts, alcohol consumption, and obesity “interventions.”

There are ideas from the committee such as the government text messaging folks about healthy eating and getting their nudging about food into schools:

Subcommittee Four, “Food and Physical Activity Environments,” is exploring “the best ways of influencing the diet and physical activity of populations,” Millen said.

“Here we’re looking at food access, we’re looking at a variety of settings where research is reasonably well-developed, school, child care and worksite settings, again, to identify models for effective population behavior change,” she said. “And also the topic of food marketing and how that may play in terms of population behavior change.”

The schools are only one avenue for the government to start its campaign of population behavior change.  If you practice Common Core “close reading” in that last paragraph, it can be deduced that advertising agencies and/or food suppliers may have restrictions placed upon them if they are hawking products that do not meet government guidelines for “population behavior change”.

Common Core proponents insist the standards are “just standards” but when you start researching the standards, there is a move toward behavioral changes in students via the curriculum that needs to be aligned to the standards.  From Common Core aligned curriculum and A Taste of Change: Shaping Sustainable Food Systems:


Did you notice from your close reading on the paragraph above that this curriculum is foundationally based on equity and democratic education, not a representative republic?  Exactly what are democratic values and community engagement? Do democratic values include “population behavior changes”?  Do you believe human behavior and choices should be engineered by governmental agencies?

The site has a Vimeo channel you can watch to see how food sustainability issues will be aligned to the Common Core standards:

sustainability and videos

Take a few minutes and look at the curriculum (below) for the CCSS standards as they relate to sustainability.  Do you think these students will readily accept any limitations on food and food marketing from the government in the future?  Do you think they will agree with the governmental idea that human beings can and should be “engineered” into healthier specimens?  There’s an argument to be made that there is a difference between the freedom to choose a healthy lifestyle vs having regulations placed upon us for a desired outcome by unelected  bureaucrats and curriculum companies.

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