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Watch the video. You won’t believe how this School Board Chair treats taxpayers. Or maybe you will.


The adapted headline can be attributed to Lady Liberty 1885 from her article Video: Parents In FL Shut Down When They Criticize Curriculum.

She writes:

Zero Hedge has an article that includes video of parents speaking out at a Naples, Florida school board workshop being shut down by the school board as they spoke out against curriculum and textbooks.

David Bolduc, a resident of Naples, Florida recently sent us a note highlighting a video in which he, and several other concerned parents, were reprimanded and treated like little children in a School Board Workshop as a result of them expressing concerns about school curriculum.
Zero Hedge


Zero Hedge has the letter from a parent noting curriculum concern:

In order to give you some background on the issue, see the Letter to the Editor he wrote to the Naples Daily News on 1/28 to say what he was prevented from saying at the 1/20 School Board Workshop. Letter reprinted below:

collier county letter

This video displays an unbelievable display of arrogance and suppression of free speech by a extraordinarily condescending School Board Chair, Kathleen Curatolo.  She must have taken her lessons in Totalitarianism 101 from Lois Lerner.  The taxpayers who pay Lerner’s salary are harangued when they are tea party members; Ms. Curatolo belittles and threatens expulsion from the meeting for those who dare to speak in the manner in which she has determined to be acceptable.  It should be noted that Ms. Curatolo is paid in her position as a School Board member in Collier County.

This School Board Chair should be the poster child of everything wrong with School Boards today and their resistance to listen to the people who pay their taxes and send their children to the schools they represent.





You can find more information on Ms. Curatolo here.


Watch this video from a Board Workshop on January 13, 2015.



Published on Jan 26, 2015

A recap of the January 13, 2015 Board meeting. An entertaining and informative look into the rude and disrespectful conduct of Ms. Curatolo. Absolutely lacking in Board decorum!




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