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Is this how education reform special interest political groups work?

Thanks to No Common Core in Illinois for publishing a video explaining the transformational change of education in Illinois crafted by special interest groups, not taxpayers.  It’s “special interest politics are alive and well in America and it’s not whether they are good or bad, the point is whether they are well organized and well funded and have a noble goal”. (Video 28:38)  Of course, I would argue who decides what is noble but these speakers are convinced they are on the right side of the argument.  The end apparently does justify the means.

Watch your state for these groups lobbying your legislators in education “reform”.  These groups include:

Stand For Children
Stand.org has a history of supporting and promoting the Common Core State Standards and they are staunch supporters of charter schools which (we have learned here at no common core) may be a trap.  Stand works closely with the Aspen Institute and by their own admission worked lockstep with Advanced Illinois.


Aspen Institute 
Today the Aspen Institute is heavily funded by foundations and is pushing digital literacy also known as the fourth sector economy. This is a “needs” economy not a customer-based economy and by providing these needs makes you the friend of government.
Advanced Illinois
This group which was founded by the Joyce foundation and the Gates Foundation (the main financial backer of the Common Core State Standards, global transformation) is now headed up by Robin Steans of the “Steans Family Foundation” and whose father is Harrison Steans, a Chicago banker (friend of Gery Chico, head of the Illinois State Board of Education), and whose other daughter is Heather Steans (D), an Illinois State representative. All of whom have been exposed here at No Common Core, here.
Take time to watch the video from “Stand for Children”.  You will hear how the Race to the Top money funded a new way to evaluate teachers.  You will hear how special interest groups passed legislation that THEY wanted (not necessarily the taxpayers).

From the video description:

Jim Crown, trustee “Aspen Institute” and Jonah Edelman, “Stand for Children” give the definitive lesson on passing top down education reform in Illinois using deception. This is the detailed process of how the Illinois Teachers Association turned on the teachers in Illinois because they were deceived by “Stand For Children” through dishonest special interest politics. The Race to the Top Common Core grants played a central role. These teacher assessment tests are the backbone of Common Core. This process is coming to your state.

These institutionalized radical changes in education came via the invitation of charter school investor Bruce Rauner (R) (currently running for Illinois Governor) and Ken Griffin (Illinois wealthiest man and Hedge Fund manager). Both men are members of the Chicago Public Education Fund (formerly the Ayers/Obama Annenberg Challenge”.

The takeover of the public schools is quite calculated.  These groups will not stop until their policies are enacted.  Remember, this is not taxpayer driven.  In Illinois it’s driven by Gates funded organizations and the Republican candidate for governor in Illinois as well as the wealthiest hedge fund member in Illinois.
Lobbyists are coming to your state via one organization or another.  From the blog:
He goes on shortly after to say that The Illinois Education Association IEA were on board (under the deception) and then they came out to promote “This wholesale transformational change”   Therefore no politician opposed it.  He further goes on to tell that when the people pushed back they were able to squelch this dissent swiftly.  Edelman admits this (Common Core) radical educational shift is “TOP DOWN”Edelman says that Stand will be using this tactic in other states.



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