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ESP Solutions made predictions in 2006  on their educational data dreams and wishes in Data Driven Decision Making 2016 – ESP Solutions GroupWe wrote about this report in 2014 and noted how many of the data mining practices were becoming reality as Federal regulations were pushed through allowing personally identifiable information to be shared with Federal/state agencies and third party researchers.  The report was written by Glynn Ligon and this excerpt will provide you a good idea on how education reform was being formed via the choice architects long before the term Common Core was unveiled:


ligon ESP and ROI


Ligon then details 41 specific predictions that must come true for the 10 wishes  to have a chance to materialize.  Here are just a few:


ligon 2

Read all 41 predictions and determine how many of these are now realities so that the desired human capital ROI can be reached.  Many of these predictions/wishes have come true thanks to the NGOs, Federal government mandates, the passage of ESSA, clueless legislators and lack of laws protecting individual data from data mining by private companies and governmental agencies.

Reading ESP Solution’s report from 10 years ago, it is apparent many of the predictions have been realized, and have largely occurred at the expense of individual privacy.  The amount of student data mining without parental permission and/or knowledge is troubling and overwhelming.  The world of data adoption, implementation and governance, and its issues (privacy issues, hacking, dissemination, etc) is enormous.  It’s difficult to keep up with the new plans the choice architects have in mind for us and how they are being utilized in school districts, state educational agencies and the accessing of information by Federal agencies/third parties.

Anne and I have been very impressed with the research from a data watchdog from Colorado, Cheri Kiesecker.  As educational reform is not only confined to Missouri but is now ‘global’ and ‘common’, we have asked Cheri (and she has agreed) to post periodically on data issues.  Please welcome Cheri as a guest writer on MEW who will be reporting on news from the data world once or twice a week:

Cheri Kiesecker is the mother of middle school children. She is a Colorado native, trained as a scientist, and is a passionate advocate for children’s rights.

Watch for her first post on MEW tomorrow!

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