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Time to make your phone calls tomorrow and send to all your social media contacts.  The vote for reauthorization is scheduled in the Senate is Tuesday, July 7, 2015.  Here is information on why this 800 page bill (with no co-sponsors) must be defeated:


Dr. Sandra Stotsky gives an overview on how the reauthorization places the power into the hands of state educational agencies, not parents.  She also talks about how the bill received no input from the parents whose children will be subjected to the mandates.


The American Principles Project listed fatal problems with the bill in The Every Child Achieves Act–A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.  It masquerades as giving states more control in their educational development/delivery but it solidifies not only mandatory approval of state reforms, it also cements a common core requirement into the act:

ecaa common core

Forget parental rights of ‘opting out’ and stopping personal data mining of your child:

ecaa psychological profiling


Make your calls tomorrow.  This is another bad bill that requires centralized control and takes away any parental/local control.  This is not government by the people.  This is government circumventing the people.


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