The following was posted on the Missouri Moms Against Common Core Facebook page about ELA 6-12 Work Group member Anne Franklin who is a vocational Business teacher in Fort Osage.  Are some people in this group trying to get Survivor producer Mark Burnett’s attention for their own reality show?
Independence School District, you should be embarrassed. It certainly appears your school board member has no regard for the law. Ann Franklin was appointed by the MSBA (Missouri School Board Association) to sit on the work group to write new standards for Missouri’s students. She is seated on the ELA 6-12 work group.Ann Franklin is the work group member who made a motion to NOT ALLOW Sandra Stotsky to speak when she visited Missouri a few weeks ago and sat in on this work group. Ms. Stotsky is one of the most premier standards writers for ELA in the country. She authored the Massachusetts Standards which have been touted as the best in the country. In fact, Ann Franklin made a motion to keep ANY outside experts from weighing in with their opinions on the process for developing new standards for Missouri. This coming from a 30 year business teacher. I wonder if Ms. Franklin has any true experience as an ELA teacher? Yet, she wants to keep all outside influences from offering ANY INPUT into the process. Does that tell you who she really is? Does that make you feel good about the process?Yesterday her bully attitude emerged again. Before lunch the group sent a letter to Speaker of the House, Tim Jones, asking for him to revisit the qualifications of Nick Kremer (remember, Nick “get an injunction” Kremer?). The group unanimously agreed to submit to the Speaker, and ask for him to revisit Mr. Kremer’s qualifications due to the fact Nick had been notified not to come back, by the Speaker. Apparently, after closer examination of Mr. Kremer’s credentials the Speaker found Mr. Kremer not to be qualified as he interpreted the requirements of the law. The email was submitted, and the Speaker immediately responded with another letter stating that Nick Kremer was no longer part of the group. The Speaker had removed his appointment of Nick Kremer, and had replaced him. His replacement was in attendance in that work group yesterday. Nick Kremer sat right beside her.That did not seem to matter to Ann Franklin. In true school board fashion, she immediately made a motion to put the Speaker of the House on notice by stating, “”The work group does not recognize any changes to the work group make-up until there is an interpretation of the law regarding the allowable procedure to change the make-up of the work group by a Missouri Court.”

A vote was taken by the group. It passed 7-5. The message (literally in the form of an e-mail) was sent right then to the Speaker.

So…when Ann Franklin does not get the outcome she is looking for…she decides to make motions until she gets her desired outcome. It is a good guess that is how she must run “her” school board, too? Is she worried that someone may start to question her credentials? The law clearly says,

“An education professional serving on a work group shall be a Missouri resident for at least three years and have taught in the work group’s subject area for at least ten years or have ten years of experience in that subject area, except for the parents appointed by the president pro tempore of the senate and the speaker of the house of representatives.”

Does Ann Franklin have 10 years experience in the ELA subject area? Is business the new ELA? Is Anne Franklin fighting so hard for Nick Kremer because she fears that her charade may be up next? Hmmmm….good questions.

If ever challenged I am pretty sure Ann Franklin may make a motion with her own definition of what “10 years in that subject area” really means, and see if she can get a second. I bet she makes a motion to redefine the term “subject area”. Who knows, she may redefine what “10 years” looks like. Or…she will tell you to take it to court.

Basically, yesterday, she told the Speaker of the House to stick it. According to members of the workgroup, she told the group that the MSBA attorney had told her that the Speaker had no statutory authority to remove workgroup members. (She was appointed by the Missouri School Board Association). I hope the Speaker of the House gets that.


Sounds like the gauntlet has been thrown down.


Published December 3, 2014

Anne Gassel

Anne has been writing on MEW since 2012 and has been a citizen lobbyist on Common Core since 2013. Some day she would like to see a national Hippocratic oath for educators “I will remember that there is an art to teaching as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy and understanding are sometimes more important than policy or what the data say. My first priority is to do no harm to the children entrusted to my temporary care.”

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