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Look at the latest spiel from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the Common Core State Standards Initiative spin: Duncan is making threats to states that the Federal Government may have to step in as parents refuse the tests for students that aren’t validated and whose adoption/implementation violated Missouri state (and probably many other states’) laws.  CCSSI also violated three Federal statutes forbidding the Federal Government from dictating state educational development/delivery.  But apparently those facts and laws are lost on Duncan as he paints the parents as instilling trauma for the kids as they practice their legal right to exercise parental authority and civil disobedience for the illegal CCSSI.  It’s just another example of close reading of a situation and ignoring the context of how this evolved and the Federal Government funding a private organization to direct/develop public education.

Educator Kathleen Jasper has a response to Duncan’s threats:


She informs Duncan via historical clips on what happens when the Federal Government makes threats:


jasper 1
People tend to push back when the federal government makes them do things they….


jasper 2

jasper 3
but each time you do this is what happens when people in the United States…
jasper 4
..get angry at the Federal Government.

jasper 5

She then invites Duncan to talk to actual parents and educators on their thoughts on educational direction/development/delivery.


For those of you who view youtube videos, you know that in many instances another video will automatically load after the one you are viewing ends.  While in the act of saving Jasper’s video for this article, what video loaded?  Why, it was Secretary Duncan himself pushing this administration’s program  The irony between Duncan’s threatening parents/states/schools and his message below is rich:




Does Arne Duncan realize he is the number one bully at The Department of Education by threatening parents and states?  Does he not practice what he preaches?

jasper and duncan 1

jasper and duncan 2

jasper and duncan 3

jasper and duncan 4
MEW notes: Maybe he only listens to those groups NOT concerned about the Federal Government bullying of state agencies and parents? He dismisses voices against his educational policies as ‘white suburban moms’ and not worthy of consideration.  So who is the real bully and inconsiderate of diversity of opinion?

jasper and duncan 5

Here is his admonition on bullying.  I suggest he take his own advice, look in the mirror and stop his threats on parents exercising their parental rights for their children:

jasper and duncan 6


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