MSBA appointee makes motion giving more power to workgroup committee and circumventing the authority of the Speaker of the House.


Today was chaotic in the ELA 6-12 Work group meeting to craft new education standards.  Nick Kremer, Columbia School District employee, attended the meeting even as he has been relieved of his work group appointment by House Speaker Tim Jones. 

We will have more to report on this soon.  I just received a message that the group voted on a motion stating no other changes can be made to the workgroup members until Nick Kremer’s appointment is adjudicated by the courts.

This was the motion made by Ann Franklin, appointee from the Missouri School Board Association (a private organization supported by tax revenue from school districts), who previously moved not to allow Dr. Sandra Stotsky to speak at an earlier workgroup meeting in November:

Dr. Stotsky spoke to the Science workgroup for over 40 minutes after being asked a question by one of the members of the workgroup. They were open and courteous, taking time to the insights of a former member of the Common Core Validation Committee.

When she was asked a question by a member of the ELA workgroup, though, there was stiff resistance from members of the group, beginning with Ann Franklin, who was placed on the the workgroup by the Missouri School Boards Association. When Heather Drury attempted to ask Stotsky a question, Franklin immediately objected.

“No. No. That’s not the way the legislation reads,” she said.

HB 1490 has text in it that would allow outside experts to be allowed to be considered by the workgroup. It not just allows it, it compels it:



When this was pointed out, Franklin then made a motion.

“I’d like to move that only workgroup members participate in the discussion,” Franklin said.

There was quite a bit of debate over whether Stotsky would be allowed to address the question she was asked. Those opposed to letting her speak were mainly appointed to the group by the educational industrial complex. In the end, they took a vote on Franklin’s motion and it failed by a 7-7 vote.


The appointees are appointed by politicians and associations and serve at the pleasure of these individuals and groups.  Workgroup members do not have the constitutional authority to decide who is in their group and who isn’t.  Ms. Franklin and the other members voting for this motion do not have the legal right to determine who serves at the pleasure of the Legislature or NGOs.

The actions of Ms. Franklin, Nick Kremer and the education reformers illustrate how DESE, MSBA, and other private NGOs think about the power of the legislature.  It is time for the legislature to stop these agencies from taking the constitutional power of the politicians.  A state agency and private organizations are dictating how the process is run, not the Legislature.  This must be stopped in our state and the power needs to be back in the hands of the elected officials, not appointed bureaucrats from NGOs and DESE.

Check back for more stories from today’s meeting and the unmasking of the disdain the education establishment has for the legislative branch in Missouri.  These educators need a crash course in the Missouri Constitution and a review of civics and the rule of law.

Published December 2, 2014






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