Do these tweets clarify how we arrived at the disaster known as education reform?  Where states must go to the mother (USDOEd) to ask permission on how best to provide education?  Where data is king and dossiers are necessary for preschoolers?


A response to the above tweet that is worth pondering and debating (if anyone remembers how to debate in 2017):




It’s so much more than “tell me a standard you don’t like” exercise when studying education reform which includes ESSA, CCSSO, NGO involvement, incessant data tracking “for the good of the State”, etc.  How did education policy come to be written by individuals selected by private organizations for public education?  How is that governors signed on to Race to the Top and Common Core with no standards or specific educational policy set forth in the MOUs?

Perhaps these snippets help provide a window into the bigger picture.  It was never just about the standards or equity in the classroom.  But the people who are under these draconian policies are either too ignorant or distracted or fearful to push back against the public/private blueprint of providing human capital for the State’s needs.

You can see the original tweet here and subsequent responses.


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