The annual Education Policy Conference, hosted by the Constitutional Coalition, will be held in St. Louis again next month. This is a great opportunity to hear many nationally and internationally known speakers speak on a variety of topics and network with others in Missouri and around the country.  The early bird rate for registration ends tomorrow December 15th.


Dear Friends,

Once again we are bringing together more than thirty speakers from across the nation and the world, all experts in their fields to address our audience of teachers, administrators, elected officials, parents, and members of the community who are committed to restoring our Constitutional freedoms.

“Revive, Restore, and Rejoice” is this year’s focus and the conference is designed to reignite faith, freedom and a sense of national community that will preserve our nation and our individual lives. Some of the speakers we can look forward to hearing from are: Thursday dinner with Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr, Friday lunch with internationally acclaimed Peruvian Hernando de Soto, dinner with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Saturday lunch with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

Twenty more exciting invited and confirmed speakers Dr. Everett Piper, Michael Walsh, David Kupelian, Stephen Couglin, Peter Wood, Tom DeLay, Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin, Star Parker, Bill Federer, Sam Sorbo, Kelly Kohls, MO Attorney General Josh Hawley, MO Secretary of State Jay Achcroft, Michael Matheson Miller and more!  Click here to view our entire EPC 28 speaker list and schedule!

With so much at stake for our nation today, we hope you will make plans to join us for this very important conference to be held January 26-28, 2017 in St. Louis. And, we encourage you to bring others with you. An educated populace is vital to maintaining the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.



Donna Hearne, Executive Director
Constitutional Coalition

Click here to connect to the Registration page.

Anne Gassel

Anne has been writing on MEW since 2012 and has been a citizen lobbyist on Common Core since 2013. Some day she would like to see a national Hippocratic oath for educators “I will remember that there is an art to teaching as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy and understanding are sometimes more important than policy or what the data say. My first priority is to do no harm to the children entrusted to my temporary care.”

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