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The Democratic Party wants to end high-stakes testing for Students of Color and wants to replace the ‘school-to-prison pipeline’ with the ‘cradle-to-college’ pipeline, still allowing the data mining of Personally Identifiable Information on students (pg 6):

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Every child has ‘God-given potential’ but that ‘potential’ is now tracked by Federal/State agencies and third parties to determine how human capital can best serve the needs of the State.  That is missing from platform language.

The document reads as if it mostly supports the existing education reform blueprint except for tying teacher evaluations to high stakes assessments.  Try to find ‘common core’ in the platform:


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That’s not surprising as the DNC considered Common Core a ‘third rail’ as this Wikileaks email showed:

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Even as the Democratic Party platform repudiates the high stakes assessments teachers must give and are themselves assessed on when ranking their effectiveness, there is no statement calling for the eradication of the education reform which uses these NGO written assessments.  Where is the definition on who sets the standards and the mention of ESSA regulations giving the Federal Government the ability to accept/reject states’ standards and assessments?  Who is the we holding the schools, districts, communities and states accountable for raising achievement levels for all students?  Would that be Federal Government bureaucrats? (pg 36):

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While teachers should not be held to unvalidated assessments not written by states, isn’t the main argument that the Common Core States Standards Initiative and ESSA which gave ultimate educational direction and policy decisions to the Federal Government be eradicated?  Why is any data mining of personally identifiable information supported by the Democrat platform?  Does this platform only protect teachers?  Where is student protection from unvalidated assessments and invasive data mining?  There is a paragraph supporting student opting out of these assessments, but there is no statement wanting to give the ultimate control of education direction and policy making back to the states.  The DNC can encourage states to develop a multiple measures approach to assessment but if it’s not approved by the USDOEd (thanks to ESSA), it’s a moot point (pg 37):


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Does this platform support Federal control of schools but with a few tweaks to appease the teachers’ unions?  Does this platform appease parents concerned about NGO controlled standards, assessments and data mining of student data?


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