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Click on the link provided and you will see that if you have identified your child by name as  your child on your Facebook account and have not selected the appropriate privacy settings, anyone can access your child’s Facebook account.  All anyone has to do is search:

Kids of people in (insert a group’s name here)

and your children’s Facebook pages appear.

Why are people searching for people’s kids?   More from StopCommonCoreFL:

To stop your personal profile from being accessed in this way, CHANGE THE PRIVACY SETTING ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST TO “ONLY ME”. (Here’s how to change the audience on your friends list to prevent your children from being included in these searches…

*Note: This has nothing to do with this group, per se… If you do a search for “kids of people in XXX” and replace the XXX with any group name you will see similar information.*

The data accessing does not stop with children.  Here is another issue to check.  Search

People in (insert group name here)

and you can find members of groups, both closed and open.

Protect your and your children’s privacy.  Adjust your privacy settings so as not to allow this search or “unjoin” Facebook.  Facebook is social media but I doubt many parents would want this social and personal information shared with those outside the groups they have joined.  If children are “off limits” for politicians, why shouldn’t accessing children’s information be “off limits” for Facebook users?  Just because a mom or dad joins a group should not mean information should be accessed on their children.  Does this make you uneasy?

As one twitter user wrote about the searching of Stop Common Core groups:

Children as well as teachers will be targeted.





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