As seen in Qatar. Good sculpture. THINK about where Common Core originated, who is funding and why.


Those who care to independently research the Common Core State Standards Initiative know about the four assurances contained in the State Stabilization Fund that states signed on to in 2009 for stimulus money.  This is not a new discovery for researchers trying to determine why states adopted a common set of standards and increased data tracking.  They are aware the data mining for students and teachers are coming (if not already in place) due to the signed agreement.  They aren’t fazed when the Core-ites (CCSS supporters) attempt to make fun of them (concerned parents, taxpayers and those concerned with constitutional overreach) because they can provide the documentation showing the agreement for data tracking and transfer.  It’s hard to argue with a notice from a governmental website about the mandates the states signed on to and what obligations the promise of money entails.

Missouri teachers don’t like Amendment 3, the current amendment on the ballot which ties student test scores to teacher assessments.  These are the assessments written by the private non-governmental organizations (NGOs) taken by students which will dictate a significant percentage of a teacher’s rating of ‘effective’ or ‘non-effective’.  Just how do these teachers think these assessments and evaluations will be tracked?  Connect the dots, teachers.  This data tracking was expanded via mandates on the Four Assurances which includes a common set of standards, aka Common Core Standards, aka Missouri Learning Standards.  If teachers want to practice their critical thinking, this is a research project they might want to understand before they go appear as hecklers in meetings defending the same standards that tie them into a common tracking model.

Now expand the research.  Where exactly did Common Core originate?  It is copyrighted by NGA/CCSSO, private organizations, not governmental entities.  This is an important FACT that many Core-ites tend to gloss over.  These organizations have no legislative authority to craft copyrighted states and it is questionable and currently being litigated if elected/appointed officials had the authority to cede a state’s legal responsibility to belong to a consortia that is now taxpayer funded.  Where did NGA/CCSSO receive their research and data to write these standards?

The PR talking points are many but consistently lack citations to determine if they are fact or fiction.  Flash back to the ‘internationally benchmarked’ claim of the CCSSI when it was first unveiled.  This claim has been withdrawn by the private NGOs.  The standards were never internationally benchmarked and when CCSSO could not provide the research and data to validate that claim, it morphed into the standards being ‘internationally informed’.  So why would Core-ites actually smirk at this documented research of those opposed to the Initiative?  Why are educators ‘misinformed’ (a charge they freely toss around at parents and those in CCSS opposition) to the truth?  Is it that their truth is wrapped up in soundbites and PR talking points?  Remember this article from MEW asking for validation of this claim of CCSS research?:


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When researching this claim by Mr. Dunn (who never did answer the emails) I discovered a connection between the Rand Corporation, Qatar school assessments and Common Core.  The Rand Corporation published a paper about the necessity of Common Core in Department of Defense schools and has interesting research (is this the 20 years of research Mr. Dunn refers to) from Qatar and other foreign countries.  Is this what is driving the CCSS reform movement in the United States?  After all, what is common in DoDEA schools in common core is common in all schools adopting a common set of standards and practices:


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So the idea that CCSS is ‘state led’ is a misnomer.  Implementation is being driven from other countries on ‘what works’ and ‘what doesn’t’.  Decisions on reform and implementation, remember, is being made by private NGOs, not your state or local school board.

Do you still believe and hear the Core-ite talking point that ‘it’s just standards’ and won’t drive curriculum?


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The Rand Corporation describes itself as:

a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis.


You can find out more about Rand here.


Questions persist and remain unanswered:

  • Where did the research/data about Common Core originate?  It appears there is indeed research but it is from other countries, not from the United States.
  • Where did the push for standards to make students ‘global learners’ originate?
  • Exactly what is the international connection (financial, ideological and pedagogical) of the CCSS?

From Grumpy Opinions and some findings on the international connection to Common Core:


grumpy 1

What a goldmine for the 1% who will make a fortune marketing the internationally standards/assessments/curriculum to the standard customer that Bill Gates is fashioning.  The CCSS (standards/implementation/curriculum) training in Dubai is for regional American curriculum schools.  Do the standards research/data come from Qatar schools directed by the Qatar government?  If so, what what makes them ‘American’ schools?  Is it that they are sponsored by American organizations?  The curriculum/pedagogy seems to be international.  If you support Common Core, you are supporting the 1% who will prosper from educational mandates you never voted for and is not ‘state led’.  Read more here on the international connections of Common Core:


Back in 2002 the US Department of Education, with help from Bill Gates (Microsoft Corp), Steve Jobs (Apple), AOL Time Warner, Dell Computer. Cable in the Classrooms, Cisco Systems  and the National Education set up an organization called; Partnership for 21st Century Skills  or for short.  I originally found from a link on the teachUNICEF website.. Yep UNICEF is still part of the United Nations   The link was titled: Have you seen the Partnership for 21st Century Skills’ new report on Global Education?  Among other things I found on the site were articles titled  A Framework For State Action on Global Education and P21 has embarked on a year long project to redefine and reimagine 21st century citizenship,

So we have what appears to be a Non Government Organization, set up by some huge corporations and the US Department of Education to promote something that sounds a whole lot like Common Core on a Global Scale..

But it gets better..

I checked on the website for the  Council of Chief State School Officers,  As most of you know, the CCSSO along with the National Governors Association are the fine folks who shoved Common Core down our throats..  Between them they own all the Copyrights to Common Core.  While they like to claim 45 states approved Common Core..  The truth is only 4 state legislatures even saw the standards before the states started implementing them..  In the other 41 states the standards were approved very quietly by often un-elected state education chiefs, and state boards of education.  Most state legislators didn’t know a thing about Common Core being implemented in their states until parents started asking questions… From there I took a look at the National Governors Association site.  I didn’t happen to notice anything on either site that wasn’t already public knowledge..

So I paid a visit the the US Chamber of Commerce Education and Job Development Website… As most of you know the Chamber has spent a fortune on Pro Common Core Ads and contributions to pro Common Core Political Candidates.. That’s when it hit me..

Their address is Suite 700 #One Massachusetts Ave. N.W, Washington DC.  The Council of Chief State School Officers, The Chamber of Commerce Education Division and Partnership for 21st Century Skills all have exactly the same address, right down to the suite of offices.. They either share office space, and work very closely together, or they’re the same organization using different names for different purposes.  The National Governors Association is conveniently located right around the corner on North Capitol Street..Less than a block away..

Bill Gates/Microsoft and some of the corporations that make up the Chamber of Commerce stand to generate billions of dollars a year just from the implementation of Common Core in the United States.  We only account for 5% of the worlds total population, imagine how much they could make from globalization of the scheme.

In a way, Barack Obama, Arnie Duncan and Jeb Bush might be being honest when they say there’s no Federal Plan to take over our educational system,  that statement doesn’t preclude corporate sponsored globalization..

Besides; given the fact Bill Gates has given JEb’s Foundation for Excellence in Education over $5,000,000.00 since 2010, and he’s contributed generously to Barack Obama’s political campaigns.. it’s understandable they want to help him.. Besides, the entire Bush clan and Barack Obama are globalists who believe in one world government..

Maybe we should send them some tin foil hats.


We have more coming on the international connections.  The top graphic comes from this 2010 article.

Published October 24, 2014


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