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It’s flowers and sunshine in the make believe world of Common Core State Standard Initiative theories and untested standards and assessments.  From  a DESE April 2, 2014 press release:

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DESE press release common core

We are awaiting for video from The Missouri Torch so you can see  for yourself that the senators asked many questions left unanswered by superintendents and administrators.  You will be able to see a senator quoting Bill Gates’ statements to a national group of state legislators in 2009 stating his goal of having the standards align with the assessments and curriculum.  Watch Gates from 2009:

Does the former teacher of the year not understand that Bill Gates is funding the corporations pushing the standards for his vision?  Does she not understand that choosing her curriculum is going the way of the dinosaur?  Does she not understand that Common Core violated several state statutes in its adoption and implementation?  Why couldn’t she teach critical thinking in her students before Common Core?  Was she so incompetent that she didn’t know how to do this without a script?

Randy Turner in his blog writes about this DESE news reporting:

From that news release, you would never guess that Common Core is one of the most controversial issues to ever face Missouri education or that its opponents include people on both ends of the political spectrum and everywhere in between.

Another thing should not be forgotten. It was our tax money that paid for preparing this patently false news release and most likely paid for the people who are so stridently in favor of Common Core.


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