anti bully pledge
Put your school administrators on notice. This anti-bullying pledge includes students and parents standing up against school officials when they become the bullies.


After her father was arrested for speaking out at a school meeting to discuss questionable fiction she was assigned to read, the daughter confronts the adults who sponsored the meeting and allowed his arrest.  From Daughter, 14, confronts school board after dad was arrested over sex book: ‘I don’t feel safe’:



Did the father go over his 2 minute warning and make additional comments?  Yes.  Technically he broke the rules.  Parents, I would ask you read the passage the father objected to here.  Be warned, it’s graphic.  Would you want your 9th grader to read this and discuss in class?  Does this passage legitimize rape?   I believe Mr. Baer should remarkable restraint talking to school officials about what his daughter is subjected to in this school.  Maybe Mr. Baer and other parents should file charges against this school board for promoting porn to minors.  Read the passage.  How can this be even considered as appropriate literature for minors?  The author states about the book:

The author herself tweeted that “1 of my novels is being challenged … again, b/c the word “erection” is used. (Guess HS kids have never seen a Viagra ad…)”. She added that she was “grateful to those who supported the book & know that talking w/teens is better than pretending tough issues don’t exist”.

Picoult said in a statement that she gave a talk to Gilford students in 2007 when the book was published, when she spoke about research she did with survivors of school shootings.

“That was followed by a wonderful, spirited conversation about how to end bullying in their own school community,” said the bestselling novelist. “The works of fiction included in school curricula are meant to encourage and develop critical thinking skills in adolescents. I would encourage any parent to read whatever books are assigned, and to use them as springboards for discussion with their children.”

Her response is this: there is nothing objectionable in the book including a rape scene that 14 year olds are exposed to will “encourage and develop critical thinking skills in adolescents”.  She has decided this is appropriate and marginalizes the parents who are concerned about such literature.  What does the school say?

The Gilford school board has since apologised in a statement for “the discomfort of those impacted and for the failure of the School District to send home prior notice of assignment of the novel”, and said that it will now revise its policies “to include notification that requires parents to accept controversial material rather than opt out”.

So now the school district will not allow the parent to opt the child out of “controversial material”.  It is apologizing for not making such assignments mandatory, not that the passage is inappropriate for minors and is controversial.  The bullies have spoken.  Parents, it’s time to take a stand against the school bullies and the bullies are not the children.  The bullies are the adults making board policies and arresting concerned parents.  It’s no wonder this young woman doesn’t feel safe in this school.  It allows pornographic material for minors in the name of “critical thinking skills”, negates parental authority and tamps down any dissension.

Don’t be passive and fall into “groupthink”.  Stop the “collaboration” and stand up for your rights as an individual to be heard.  Protect your children from administrators who are using your money and children and are dismissive of your concerns.  Watch this video and show what happens when you are passive to bullies.  Two young men set up scenarios of bullying to see how bystanders react.  Put it in context of sitting at a school board meeting because you are concerned about what your children are learning in institutions you are compelled to support via taxes, watching a man getting arrested and you do nothing but watch.  THIS is how bullies are allowed to operate:




The young man asks “Why doesn’t someone put a stop to it (bullying)”? Why are parents and taxpayers allowing the administrative bullying to continue? If you are passive, you are consenting to educational bullying.  Mr. Baer’s daughter does “not feel safe” around these administrators.  Adults should be standing up en masse and demanding a “safe learning environment” for her.

These young filmmakers understand more about character than the school officials in Gilford, NH and the many parents who did not stand up with Mr. Baer:



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