The Common Core proponents want to change hearts and minds and use emotion to garner support.  Here’s their first foray into becoming, well, more warm and cuddly so parents will not be concerned about private non-governmental organizations directing and developing public education with no accountability.  From


gates video

Here’s the video of a ‘fun simple story with real people’.  This ‘real’ person is just the same as the ‘misinformed’ person:

Grandpa is portrayed as a silly old man who has erroneous concerns about Common Core and Bill Gates’ involvement.  The teacher doesn’t call him stupid and silly.  She doesn’t have to.  He talks too much, he’s not dressed well, is older, and comes across as uneducated and/or uninformed.  The teacher patiently bears his ramblings and assures him he should have no misgivings about the standards.  She’s in control of his grandson’s learning and grandpa is reassured.  All in less than 2 minutes!  Eureka!

There are no facts put forth as to the adoption or implementation of the standards, nor how much money Gates has shoveled into the initiative under the guise of philanthropy.  The teacher’s assurances that she will be directing his grandson’s education are lip service and have no specificity.  She doesn’t bring up the fact that her evaluations will largely be based on how students perform on the CCSS assessments and the fact that the standards cannot be changed.  Grandpa might not be so reassured if he knew those facts.

The proponents still don’t understand the gig is up.  A teacher at a meeting assuring a grandfather that Bill Gates had nothing to do with the Common Core State Standards Initiative is insulting to the taxpayers who are compelled to pay the taxes to support a system in which they have no voice or input.   But I guess a grandpa who buys lottery tickets (watch the video) and blathers on about Bill Gates just wouldn’t be able to grasp the reality of special interest involvements, now would he?

That’s my review of the proponents’ messaging.  But don’t take my word for it.  Check out the youtube ratings as of September 10:


grandad learns about the common core

You can comment directly on the youtube site or visit the company responsible for this new PR campaign, six one seven studios on Facebook, and leave a comment on what you think about the ‘more emotional’ Common Core pitch.  Isn’t the ‘new’ message the same as the ‘old’ message?  This video conveys the talking point that non-reformers are still just as stupid and ‘misinformed’ now as they have been about the initiative when it was rolled out (under the radar) four years ago.  All Grandpa has to do is listen to the teacher (probably a Gates funded PTA teacher) and his concerns about Common Core evaporate!  What could go wrong?  Silly Grandpa.

If this is their idea of winning hearts and minds of opponents, they need a new tactic.  They really think the public is stupid.  This is demeaning to those who understand how the adoption and implementation of CCSSI circumvented the political process and handed public education to private NGOs.  Now what will the teacher say to Grandpa when he brings that fact up at the next meeting?


Published on September 11, 2014


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