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I came up with my own story to this meme I found on Twitter.  I happen to agree with the sentiment of ‘why can’t I just write “12” and go to the next problem’, but thought I would experience the delight of using ELA skills in math class to demonstrate how I have understanding of 2 x 6 =12.  The analytical skills used in this sort of problem is so important when talking about a basic math equation of 2 x 6 = 12, don’t you think?  My story might not look like a elementary student’s but here’s my multiplication story:


One day I was in Common Core Class when I fell over from sheer boredom and frustration from having to provide word problems for math. I bumped my head and had a superficial cut which necessitated a jaunt to the nurse’s office. She used 6 items from her handy dandy first aid kit to bandage me up:
  • 1 cleanser pad to clean the cut
  • 1 bandage for the cut
  • 2 cotton balls to put in my ears so I don’t have to hear this manner of teaching
  • 2 bandages to place over my eyes so I don’t have to see these assignments

This was on Monday.  That number fact would look like 1 x 6 since this was a one- time occurrence. I used 6 items on one day. However, this experience was replayed the next day (the frustration/boredom was consistent) and the nurse again gave me the same treatment and the same 6 items. Now the multiplication story demonstrates ‘2 x 6’ as the inane ‘critical thinking’ and language arts requirements were in full display on Monday and Tuesday, and as my interest in such convoluted education is minimal, I will continue to do everything in my power to escape math class.

Six items to bandage physical and psychological Common Core related wounds and repeated for two days looks like this:

2 x 6 = 12

Can you come up with a creative word problem for math class so you can exhibit your ‘higher, deeper, rigorous’ understanding of a multiplication problem?

Published October 3, 2014


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