august 19 tweet3
Yes. THAT’S why they were renamed ‘Insert Your State’s Name Here Learning Standards’


august 19 tweet2
You don’t say.


august 19 tweet6
Pity. The PR spin is wearing thin.


August 19 tweet1
Forget selling the parents. Too late. You should have told them about this four years ago before you rolled it out without telling them. That really backfired, didn’t it?


august 19 tweet4
More useless tools for a useless reform. Nobody wants what the CCSSO is selling.


august 19 tweet5
Probably. When parent and educator opinions don’t like your reform and you have to use toolkits to sell a bad idea, Common Core may be toast.



But wait, wait!!!  The disapproval is not because it’s the political circumvention of the political process that places public education in the control of non-governmental organizations with no accountability. Nope.  It’s because…..

August 19 tweet7
‘Borking’ is the newest reason given for the Common Core demise.



For those of you too young to remember the phrase of being ‘borked’:



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