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These Missouri moms are tired of being silenced, not listened to, marginalized, and questions not answered  about their Common Core concerns.  From Silencing Anti-Common Core Activists Spreads Outside of Texas:

The latest incidences of Common Core critics coming under attack have come out of Missouri, land of the tin foil hat stunt by Missouri Representative Michael Lair, Chair of the Appropriations Education Committee, who added $8 into the state’s K-12 budget. It got a lot of news coverage. It was also a deliberate swipe against lawmakers who opposed the Common Core standards. It may well have been an indirect slam at taxpayers and citizens who question the federal overreach into the classroom.

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Anne Gassel, Jill Carter and I are quoted in this Brietbart article.  Have you had similar experiences in your state?  If so, contact Merrill Hope at Breitbart.  She is interested to discover how other activists are treated by state educational agencies, school boards, administrators and politicians.  Visit Missouri Moms Against Common Core on Facebook and add your voice and stories.  And lest you think only moms are marginalized, read Charlie’s story about his daughter Zoe.

Stop letting governmental employees and bureaucrats dismiss your concerns.



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