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Which Missouri politician would you most closely align with: Senator John Lamping or Representative Mike Lair?  Both are Republicans and both have opinions on Common Core.

First listen to Senator John Lamping on why Common Core is bad for Missouri.  He focuses on the political circumvention of Common Core in its adoption and implementation.  He was interviewed on KMOX by Mark Reardon.

Next, here is his speech at the “Excellence in Education: NOT Common Core” Rally on February 18, 2014 via Duane Lester at The Torch:


Now read about Representative Mike Lair, Chairman of Education Appropriations Committee, who made national news as he inserted $8 in the budget line item for tin foil for those concerned about Common Core issues.  From the Kansas City Star:

His measure states that the money would fund, quote: “two rolls of high density aluminum to create headgear designed to deflect drone and/or black helicopter mind reading and control technology.”

There are a lot of objections to Common Core, coming from a lot more corners than the conspiracy theorists. If you don’t like Glenn Beck, there’s plenty of Republican state lawmakers. If they’re too righty for you, there’s skepticism and complaints from the NEA, liberal education-reform groups, teacher complaints about the lesson plans, parents of every political stripe . . . Even if you’re a big fan of Common Core, you have to recognize that arrogant dismissal and mockery like Lair’s actions do nothing to reassure skeptical parents and teachers.

If you were thinking about going into politics and determining your political strategy to be an effective legislator, which politician would you hold up as an example to follow?  Regardless of party affiliation or belief, what would be your method of dealing with the public, your constituents, your fellow lawmakers and the press?  My choice would be John Lamping.  Listening to him speak on the Common Core issue, it doesn’t seem as if he wears tin foil hats and dodges black helicopters.  He states the facts about the CCSSI. Representative Mike Lair might want to listen to another politician who can cut through the PR spin of Common Core State Standards Initiative of their effectiveness and claim it makes students college and/or career ready.  Here are some facts about CCSS:

  • untested
  • unproven
  • adopted before they were written
  • funded by Federal dollars which will run out September 2014 and will plunge states/local districts in financial difficulty
  • circumvented voters and legislatures

The people know these facts and they hardly wear tin foil hats and fear the black helicopters.  I prefer to align myself with a politician who tells me the truth vs one who attacks me for stating the facts.  At least 450 people who came to the Rotunda on February 18 to protest Common Core in their Missouri schools probably would make the same decision.



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