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Why is Common Core common just for some and not all?


Perhaps education reformers and ‘philanthropists’ so concerned with public education and determined to make it an equitable educational experience would put their children in the same public schools they are designing for the ‘rest of us’.  You know, the ‘rest of us’ who don’t work for educational think tanks, data retrieval companies, The Gates Foundation, The NGA, CCSSO, Achieve, etc.  Included in this list of educational elites are the various bureaucrats and politicians who have developed and/or implemented the plans of the elites from the private sector.

So if CCSSI is allowed to proceed and become implemented it should be mandated that in the spirit of equity, all children of elites and bureaucrats must be in public schools like ‘the rest’ of the kids.  Doesn’t it seem to you to be hypocritical that what is ‘best’ our kids is ‘not good enough’ for their kids?


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