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Citizens tell legislators “no thanks” to Common Core


A state Assembly Minority Forum on Education was held at the New Hartford BOCES Learning Center and citizens were invited to share their viewpoints on Common Core standards.  Legislators from other states adopting Common Core should watch this video and sponsor forums in their districts to give the citizens a chance to tell them what exactly Common Core looks like in the classroom, rather than getting all their information from pro-Common Core organizations.

The teacher begins speaking around 47:00.  She contradicts the Common Core proponents’ talking points by providing details of her experience with the standards in the classroom.  She is also a parent of four children and is concerned particularly with her younger children struggling with the new standards as they are developmentally inappropriate.  She explains how Common Core is implemented in the classroom:

  • there are scripts teachers must use
  • special education students will be left behind
  • there is lack of creativity in Common Core
  • it ignores the emotional development of children

She talks about the huge shift in educational techniques and beliefs about teaching children in her 15 year teaching experience.  She believes writers, poets and everything we value in students will be lost.

The student gives his thoughts at a NY on how Common Core doesn’t work for him in the classroom.  He speaks about stress and how standardized tests may not measure his true knowledge on a subject.  He believes his teachers are more stressed than usual.  He usually scores “4” on ELA and Math and he opted out in the middle of the CCSS assessments this year with a “2”.  He says the tests give students less time on more questions.   His speech begins about 1:03:00.

The next speaker brings up the issue of data privacy and sharing.  The legislators are extremely concerned about data issues as well.


But what would a student,a teacher and parent know about Common Core standards that they have to learn and teach?  We just need to listen to the Bill Gates’ funded organizations telling us how they are so superior to state crafted standards.

From a newspaper article about the forum:

Graf, along with Assemblyman Ed Ra, R-Franklin Square, led the forum that gave parents, educators and others a chance to voice their concerns over the implementation of the Common Core curriculum in state public schools.

“We want to get your input and hear what you have to say,” said Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, R-New Hartford, a member of the state education committee, at the start of the forum. “We want to take your thoughts and ideas, give you a chance to talk and take the feedback with us to Albany.”

“We’re hearing very clearly from parents and educators that there’s problems with the common core,” said Assemblyman Marc Butler, R-Newport, at the forum.

Graf and Ra have conducted several forums across the state the past six weeks in response to state Education Commissioner John King, Jr. canceling the rest of his own public meetings after receiving criticism about the implementation of the Common Core curriculum.

The assembly asked excellent questions and should be lauded for their insight and willingness to learn about exactly how the Common Core standards are being implemented.  The other speakers raise valid points as well.  While some of them are indeed “white suburban moms”, they seem more believable than Arne Duncan or David Coleman who don’t spend their days teaching in the classroom or learning via these untested standards.

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