Below is a post from a citizen who attended a Missouri House Interim committee in which Commissioner Chris Nicastro was asked questions about Common Core by representatives.

Sitting to her left in the Missouri video is Michael Petrelli from Fordham Institute.  Fordham has received funding from The Gates Foundation to promote the standards.

Nicastro admits if districts do not follow the standards and the curriculum that supports the standards, the students will not do well on the assessments.  Does anyone still believe that the standards don’t drive the curriculum?

From a Missouri parent:

Folks, this is a video of Commissioner of Education in Missouri, Chris Nicastro. This was filmed about 2 weeks ago, during a hearing on Government Transparency and Accountability.   When she was asked if schools could opt out of the “Common Core” Standards she replied with,  

“I said that they CANNOT choose the standards. They can choose their curriculum.  If they choose not to teach to prepare their kids to master the standards they will not do well on the assessments.”

Does that say it all?  Is there any freedom in that?  Schools HAVE NOT CHOICE but to teach the Common Core State Standards in Missouri.  AND…if you don’t your kids will not do well on the assessments.  So, in other words, buckle up and wait for those tests.  Once they manifest things will get fun.  That is when the curriculum will line up with the tests and we shall see the dark side of what we all expect.

Remember Bill Gates’ comments on the standards (at the top of the post) aligning with the assessments?  Do they sound like the Commissioner’s?  Is Gates’ blueprint of Common Core standards, assessments and curriculum now being used in Missouri?

Watch Chris Nicastro in her own words below:

 Nicastro no opt out



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