A 9 year old girl shows the difference in solving a Mathematics problem via Common Core vs using the standard algorithm:



Stop Common Core in Washington State writes about how CCSS does indeed direct teachers how/what to teach:

In the video, Sophia worked the same problem twice.  The first way she worked it she used a strategy based on place value.  The second and more efficient way she worked the problem she used the standard algorithm for addition.  Many students like Sophia, are being taught to do addition using strategies base on place value in second and third grade because that is what is called for in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M).  The CCSS-M does require the standard algorithm for addition but it delays that requirement until fourth grade.  Until the fourth grade, students are to be taught and use strategies based on place value.  The CCSS-M does not specify the strategies that are to be used, only that they are based on place value.

This issue was addressed in a post called Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: Does It Add Up or Down? Part 2.  The section from that post has been copied below.


From the author:

This statement is critical to understand–
As school is getting started across the country, I think more parents are going to see their kids coming home and working problems using “strategies based on place value”.  There is a reason this is happening–it is built into the Common Core State Standards.
Many things are being attributed to the CCSS that aren’t justified because the CCSS doesn’t require or address them.  The issue with the “strategies based on place value” has a a direct provable connection.

Is another talking point from CCSSO and various other special interest groups stating that Common Core doesn’t tell teachers how/what to teach another point of misinformation?  Add this to the list of additional misinformation from the CCSS proponents.



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