If you really want to mess with Common Core, go back to your districts and tell them you want to shift the standards.  If it’s not testing based, it should be just fine.


Mercedes Schneider at the first Network for Public Education (NPE) Conference speaking on Common Core

Watch teacher Mercedes Schneider shred Common Core and why teachers should refuse to teach by these standards.  Watch her as she explains that regardless of WHAT the standards are called (think MO Learning Standards) the states only have 15% control over their standards.  Watch her explain what a teacher is supposed to do as a professional, tasks that are impossible with Common Core.  Watch her explain how her job is to move students along, standards be damned.  She is standing between the standards and her students.  Watch her explain how CCSS completely ignores a teacher’s professional judgment.  Watch her explain that common is not the same and cannot be standardized.  Watch her explain the teacher’s professional right to assert his/her right to decide what is right for his/her students.

Watch her explain how Common Core is a twisted reality that will never work.

Then send this clip to your legislators, your State Education Agency, your State Board of Education and see if there is anything they can dispute about her comments.

No “teacher of the year” can successfully defend his/her support of Common Core as a professional teacher after hearing her 5 minute speech.

You can find her blog on the conference here.


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