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The National Education Association (NEA) released an article entitled “10 Things You Should Know About Common Core”.  It reads like a press release with a few warning signals that Common Core might just  not deliver everything it promised.  The failure is chalked up to faulty implementation by teachers, not because of the standards themselves.  You can read it here.  If you have followed Common Core for a while, none of what is in this article is new information.  It’s regurgitated rhetoric from yet another organization that is a Gates Foundation recipient.

What is most illuminating are the comments that follow these NEA talking points.  At the time of MEW’s publication of this piece, there were 82 comments on the NEA’s supportive piece of the standards.  I only counted one (1) comment agreeing with the NEA’s stance on Common Core.  These few are indicative of the majority of teachers’ beliefs/thoughts about the Common Core:

Susan says:

Things to make you go hmmmmm about some of the 10 things:

#1? I wasn’t polled, nor were any of my 100+ collegues – none of us support CC

#3? CC def ws not designed with the Spec Ed child in mind

#4? really, just sat in a H.S. department meeting where we were all specifically told that Romeo and Juliet and the like are only relevant to College literature majors and their professors and that our kids should be learning real life things like how to write and read manuals.

#7 & #8? very few teachers in my district received training, despite asking for it, and are still unclear – b/c this one size fits all curriculum doesn’t work for a diverse school population

#9? Not only are the parents uninformed, but many are uninvolved, yet they are not held accountable for their kids grades – ps – parent teacher night – many of my colleagues had 0 parents show up

#10? You mean engage NY? give me a break – those youtube videos that keep crashing or don’t start at all

YOU FORGOT to add a #11 – – exactly how much $$ did you get from the Gates Foundation? SHAME SHAME on you for even printing this story – where exactly do my dues go???


Teresa W. says:

Why has the NEA not polled it’s own members? You will find that we don’t support the CC because most states have standards that were working very well for the students. What didn’t work was all 50 states having different tests, different text books, different everything. Bad for profits for the education corporations. It is time NEA members step up and make changes in our leadership if this is the “leadership” offered. NEA members do not support the common core!


Meg Norris says:

The Gates Foundation gave money to:
National Education Association – $7,356,432
American Federation of Teachers – $11,343,925
Parent Teacher Association – $2,721,386
National Governors Association (NGA) – $25,139,674
The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) – $79,033,581

Now….tell me again how CC is a good thing? NEA, AFT, PTA = have all sold our children and our teachers out!!!!


Anna says:

I am an AR rep for my building. I have teachers leaving the union over this issue. I might join them. I joined the union because they negotiate our contracts, protect us from un warranted malpractice claims, protect our rights for due process and stand up for children. At least I thought they did. Now I find my dues are being used to promote unfair and unvalidated uses if standardized testing which is a direct affront to due process. My dues are being used to promote the unlawful gathering of student and teacher data which is a breach of our right to privacy. I find that my dues are being used to promote standards that at least for young students and possibly older students that are developmentally inappropriate which denigrates students natural growth patterns. I do not trust your survey as it denies what I see and hear on a daily basis. I too call for a change in the leadership of our union.


Jim says:

NEA who are these teachers that support CC? Did you survey Teach for America? Taking Mr. Gate’s money has destroyed your credibility. We all knew that unions were being attacked but now it seems to be an inside job. Keep writing your pro CC propaganda but just know we don’t believe a word of it.


The NEA is taking a beating for allowing dissenting comments to appear on this site.   However, it may be practicing a form of censorship and the dissent about Common Core might be even higher:

Jim says:

Last time I looked this was at 28 comments. Now it’s 16. I see this must be the way NEA conducts it’s surveys. This member’s previous comment was deleted.

skoolteacher says:

Funny how you can’t “like” any of these comments-! I thought many were very likable!


I am going to make an educated guess here.  I doubt many of these NEA teachers are tea party members.  Is if safe to say this is NOT a political issue, but rather an issue on which both sides are angry because they were left out of the process and now have to live/teach under mandates from the elites?  Is it such a surprise that taxpayers and citizens are concerned they now have to operate under a public/private partnership to which there is no voter accountability?

Oops.  There goes another pro-Common Core talking point.  It’s not just a tea party issue.  It’s an issue that concerns taxpayers and teachers from all points along the political spectrum.




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