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When Common Core becomes the butt of jokes for stupidity, it’s apparent it will never work.  Toss it to the side as another failed education reform.  Here’s a bit of humor at Common Core expense regarding the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision.  The SCOTUSblog clearly describes itself on twitter (above graphic) as a private blog not connected to the Supreme Court.  Some folks upset about the Hobby Lobby decision seemed to have missed that in this close reading exercise.

From and Everyone Thinks @SCOTUSblog Is The Official Twitter Of The Supreme Court, @SCOTUSblog Decides To Have Fun With It:

scotus blog 1

scotus blog 2

scotus blog 3

scotus blog 5


Give an “A” to the SCOTUSblog writers for their tweeting creativity educating those who failed this close reading.  Other tweeters had fun with the decision by using a Common Core Math analogy:



scotus blog 6

scotus blog 7






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