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Those Disney characters might just sell you out to the lowest bidder. Fired STEM workers at Disney see those characters in their nightmares.


Search Common Core and STEM and IT and you will obtain results extolling the need for Common Core:

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Contrary to the descriptions of why students need Common Core, the fact is that 2/3 of American workers with STEM degrees do not work in STEM fields.  From 2014:

It was announced last week that Microsoft, the tech giant, plans to eliminate 18,000 jobs. That has rankled many in the anti-common core movement because Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, has been out there promoting Common Core ostensibly because we need more STEM workers for companies like his. The claim he and other have made is that there is a shortage of such workers in the United States. What has upset the anti common core crowd is that Microsoft, along with other mega tech companies like Hewlett Packard and CISCO are simultaneously pressuring Congress to expand the H-1B Visa program to allow more highly skilled foreign workers in. While demanding more highly educated workers from the American education system, these large companies are demanding to import more labor from outside our shores. Something just doesn’t match up.

Computer World covered Senator Jeff Sessions response to the Microsoft firings (they are not lay offs). On the floor of the Senate he questioned the claim high tech companies are trying to make true by repeating it often. “What is the situation today for American graduates of STEM degrees and technology degrees? Do we have enough? And do we need to have people come to our country to take those jobs? Or, indeed, do we not have a shortage of workers, and do we have difficulty of people finding jobs?”

Sessions knows the answer to those questions. According to the recent US Census, we have a glut of STEM graduates. Seventy four percent of those who have a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering and math — commonly referred to as STEM — are not employed in STEM occupations. Liana Christin Landivar, a sociologist in the Census Bureau’s Industry and Occupation Statistics Branch concurred. “STEM graduates have relatively low unemployment, however these graduates are not necessarily employed in STEM occupations.” The Center for Immigration Studies says that only one-third of native-born Americans with an undergraduate STEM degree holding a job actually work in a STEM occupation.


The reality of HB1 visas given to foreign workers so companies can reduce their costs was on display in the US Senate again in 2016 as a fired Disney employee testified experienced American workers were forced to train their HB1 foreign replacements:


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Note that Leo Perrero (displaced Disney employee) states that the HB1 visa workers were less skilled and educated than those whom they replaced. Even if you buy into the schtick we need CCSS for STEM jobs/training, how do the Chambers of Commerce, Bill Gates et al explain this video? Or the laid off 18,000 American workers at Microsoft?  Or those workers laid off in 2015 from Southern California Edison due to HB1 visas?  This Disney news is not new to lawmakers; they’ve been conducting hearings on HB1 visa abuse:


Exhibit A in the abuse of H-1Bs was the case of Southern California Edison, which recently got rid of between 400 and 500 IT employees and replaced them with a smaller force of lower-paid workers brought in from overseas through the H-1B program. The original employees were making an average of about $110,000 a year, the committee heard; the replacements were brought to Southern California Edison by outsourcing firms that pay an average of between $65,000 and $75,000.

“Simply put, the H-1B program has become a cheap labor program,” Hira, author of the book Outsourcing America, testified. “To add insult to injury, Southern California Edison forced its American workers to train their H-1B replacements as a condition of receiving their severance packages.”


This is the same testimony as Disney worker Leo Perrero.  Where is the national testimony from taxpayers and parents demanding the CCSSO, NGA, Bill Gates, National PTA, etc be held accountable for the lie that CCSS is needed for STEM training because there is a shortage of American workers in the STEM field?  Your government is allowing policies for these private organizations to dictate public school policy/development and allowing less skilled foreign workers to replace American workers.

How’s that centralized control working for American STEM workers?  What do you think about the debunked lie on why we need CCSS for STEM training?  What do you think about STEM CCSS standards  that don’t even contain higher level math and science?  This Common Core lie belongs in Disney World: where the suspension of reality exists and fantasy becomes that reality.  Let’s all go visit Cinderella’s castle and we can live in a make believe world, just like living in Common Core land.

If you believe in Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Cinderella and Dumbo, you believe the lie for the need of Common Core for STEM jobs.  Mickey Mouse as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is orchestrating the educational reform fallacy extolling the need for CCSS to push STEM while qualified/abundant American workers are fired and replaced for less qualified HB1 workers.


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