why do we need educational standards
Maybe Governors, Commissioners of Education and State Board Members should have clued State Senators and Representatives on the adoption of the standards in 2010. Are they really “state led” when the legislative branch was circumvented?

A Mississippi state senator talks about how he, a member of the Education Committee, knew nothing about the adoption of the Common Core State Standards by the Mississippi State Board of Education in June 2010.  State legislatures were circumvented so exactly how are the standards “state led”?  Senator Michael Watson talks about the adoption of Common Core on this youtube clip:


From the youtube description:

Shocking Scandal Exposed! Nine unelected Mississippi Department of Education individuals adopted Common Core State (Nationalized) Standards in secret without the knowledge, understanding, nor input from the Senate Education Committee. The Mississippi Dept. of Education and the overall talking point for Common Core is always that it is “State Led.” This confession is evidence that the “state” was not a participant in the decision to adopt CC and it was most definitely NOT “STATE LED.”

Senator Michael Watson on the Education Committee, at the time of adoption, confesses knowing nothing about Mississippi’s adoption of the highly contested and questionable Common Core standards. The Mississippi Department of Education continues to lie and deceive the public. We need officials who truly care about Mississippi children and their education. We need a MS Department of Education Board that Respects citizens. Stop Common Core in Mississippi before it’s too late! Call today! http://www.scribd.com/doc/182870071/M…

Mississippi State Senator Michael Watson, exposes that our Common Core State Standards were not “state led” as MDE.suggests over and over again. We have been deceived again.

In Missouri, the standards were adopted not “in secret”, but they were adopted without much discussion and with no input from state senators or representatives. For such a transformational educational movement, one would think the Governor, Commissioner of Education and State Board of Education members would have been shouting from the rooftops to Missourians how wonderful these standards would be for students and teachers.
Note those in attendance at this meeting.  They are state board members and DESE officials.  There are no citizens present or legislators to question the adoption of the standards. There are very few news articles about the adoption and future implementation of the standards from 2010. Initial articles are scarce on specifics and are regurgitated press releases from CCSSI and Achieve.
Common Core standards are common and so is the experience of State Senators and Representatives. They didn’t know about them and they aren’t “state led”.  From DESE:
Missouri has been provided the opportunity to review and respond to confidential early drafts of the reading, writing, and mathematics K-12 standards in November, January, and February.
Is that the meaning of “state led”?  Review and respond to private organizations drafting standards that all Missouri schools must follow?  Is that the new definition of leadership?  “Review and respond”?

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