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The first public hearing on the eight work group progress is scheduled for this Monday, October 24, 2014.  We wrote the State Board of Education on Tuesday asking about capacity for the meeting room and if there were plans to live stream to an overflow location.  You can find the original letter here.  We asked the following questions:


We are concerned the public hearing is to be held in the State Board Room which we have been told holds a capacity of 35 people. If this is to be a public hearing on the revision of the Missouri Learning Standards/Common Core State Standards, we would expect ample seating for the public to attend. It would be disappointing and upsetting to Missouri citizens (parents, grandparents and taxpayers) who traveled miles to attend this hearing to then be denied seating for lack of space.

We would appreciate you providing us with the additional information:

How many people will the State Board Meeting Room seat?

Will there be ample seats for the public to be seated to hear the public testimony?

If there is insufficient seating, will the meeting be live streamed to another location?

Will media be allowed in to record the public testimony?

Is there a question and answer period?

How will questions be submitted and who will answer questions?

Will the individual work group reports be read so the public can ask questions or comment on specific work groups and their unique reports?

Will all questions/testimony be gathered and published by the State Board on its website?

Will this meeting be video recorded and posted on the State Board website?

Have all work group committees been instructed as to the format of the meeting?

Would you please advise the public as to the meeting format?


Here is the response received from DESE Counsel on Friday:


Ms. Logue and Ms. Gassel,

Your recent email to the Missouri State Board of Education relating to the public hearing on the review of the Missouri Learning Standards has been forwarded to this office for response.   You have questions relating to the seating capacity of the hearing location and structure of the hearing.    The State Board of Education meeting room is the largest venue currently available within the Capitol Complex at the date and time designated for the hearing. Agency staff continue to look for a larger venue, but to date, the State Board of Education meeting room is the largest available.  As to questions on the structure of the meeting, the hearing notice provides the topic, date, time and location of the hearing. The State Board room seats 80 attendees every month, and staff have added rows of chairs as well as opened an overflow room adjacent to the State Board room to accommodate at least an additional 75 people to watch the testimony broadcast on monitors. In addition, there will be an announcement made at the beginning of the hearing on how testimony will proceed.

Mark Allan Van Zandt | Governmental Affairs | 573-751-3527


We hope to see you on Monday at 11:00 at the State Board of Education Building in the Jefferson State Office Building, 205 Jefferson Street, Jefferson City, MO in the State Board meeting room (1st floor).  Citizen interest is high in the Common Core work groups and we hope you have your questions addressed.


Published October 24, 2014





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