seven times 70
MEW’s attempt at explaining a possible Common Core math problem. I’m sure I missed some correct vocabulary words.

The word is out to the general public on one aspect of common core: fuzzy math.  From a reader in Missouri and her experience in church today about Matthew 18:21-22 (I tried my hand on this new math and found it tiresome and pointless):


Funny happenings in our church sermon this morning! The preacher was speaking on forgiveness and the mention of how many times. Jesus says not seven times, but seven times seventy. Here comes the funny part….”now back when we could do math the easy way, that would come to 490 times.” Bahahaha! The best part….one of our Kindergarten teachers that I have gone toe to toe with several times and who has tried everything she can do to discredit me with the parents in the school district here, was there. My only regret is that I couldn’t see her reaction when he slammed common core math!


From MEW:

I know 7 times 70 = 490 because I added the tens boxes arranged by “7s” to total 70.  I then added the totals of the tens boxes by groups of two 70’s to total 140.  I added the groups of 140 to the one group of 70 to come up with the answer of 490.  I found this was a waste of the ten minutes it took me to do it this way.  If I could have answered by using my math facts, it would have taken me 5 seconds.



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