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Are you apathetic about The Common Core State Standards Initiative and its oligarchic structure?


Pop Quiz:

Which group has the constitutional authority to set standards, curriculum and assessments?


A. The United States Department of Education

B.  Congress

C.  Non-governmental organizations such as the National Governor’s Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers, Achieve Inc or individuals

D.  Each individual state decides its own laws in setting standards, curriculum and assessments


If you answered ‘D’ you would be correct. However, this is not the current state of affairs in education reform.  The political system has been circumvented via the adoption of The Common Core State Standards Initiative via the State Stabilization Funding mandates.  NGOs (with Federal funding) copyrighted and now control the standards and assessments, and the curriculum must match the standards/assessments so the ‘choice’ of curriculum is not an authentic ‘choice’ for the states/districts.

When the law is circumvented what is your duty as a citizen?  Is it to obey mandates made by regulatory agencies or NGOs?  Is it to grumble but go along with education reform that is based on theory and written largely by non-educators in a shrouded process with no accountability to the people who are funding it?

A good citizen looks at this and understands the end does not justify the means.  The ‘end’ has been crafted by an elite group of individuals and corporations for their vision, which may not be the vision you have for your child.  Why should you be a ‘good citizen’ and resist and fight against this oligarchy of the few deciding what your child’s education should be?  A quote from Martin Luther King states it well:


martin luther king


What’s particularly egregious about the adoption of CCSSI is that it isn’t even based on laws.  We are being ruled by mandates.  It’s time to stand up and reclaim the constitutional authority in your state to set educational development/direction.  If you are apathetic about your government and the takeover of public education by private organizations with no accountability, then you are in tacit agreement with an oligarchic style of government controlling your life.  You either fight back now or any semblance of representative government is gone.

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