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Why is a comedy site, ‘Funny or Die’, a topic in educational circles the last couple of days?  The absurd PR spin from educational reformers is becoming even more absurd.  We have been informed by the elites that our concerns about CCSS are unfounded, we are ridiculed as tin foil hat wearers, obstructionists, etc.  Yada yada yada.  We tell our children to not entertain bullies so these marginalizations are ineffective in stopping CCSSI resistance and the opt-out movement.

It’s difficult to believe the reformers could get even more ridiculous in videos after Fordham sponsored dancing gadflys and an anti-CCSS grandfather was ridiculed by a teacher.  The criticism was so great from parents and those educated about the CCSS Initiative that the video company pulled the Grandpa video.  The educational elites must still be grasping at straws to ‘entertain’ and support their inner circle on how *misinformed* parents are with the newest video making fun of the parents who pay for the public schools and send their children to the local schools who no longer have autonomy, but are operating under the policies supported by these same elites.

The newest attempt to bully parents now comes from ‘Funny or Die’ (produced by Center for American Progress) in the youtube version of What’s So Scary About Common Core?:


From the description on the CAP youtube site:

pod people

Here’s the press release from Center for American Progress about the video. The email address is listed for the CAP education expert, Allison Preiss, whom you might want to contact stating you don’t appreciate the macroaggressions against anti-CCSSI parents/teachers.  This is a textbook example of bullying and certainly CAP wants to align its message to those CCSS standards of encouraging diversity and character education courses, right?

But back to the video.  It’s non-factual and spreads *misinformation*:

  • CCSS is NOT just standards.  It’s an initiative with mandates for data gathering and sharing.  The Data Quality Campaign lays out the whole groundwork for Common Core: the common standards are necessary for common shareable data, across SLDS in each state.
  • The standards don’t include Trig or Pre-Calculus so the dismissive CCSS educated daughter ridiculing her crazy parents will probably flunk any calculus course in her freshman year

Those are the facts debunking the latest attempt to ridicule adults raising serious questions/concerns about CCSSI.  When elites (NGOs, bureaucrats and politicians) direct children’s educational content and instruction based on theory and unvalidated assessments, such ridicule and ‘humor’ is not funny in the least.  This is the direct link to the video from the Funny or Die site.  In the event this video disappears (as did the Grandpa video), here is the transcript:


Are you excited about your
first day in kindergarten honey? (Parents talking to their daughter)
Yeah. Well, since you’re
starting school,
you are starting a new
program called Common Core.
Which means you won’t
be needing these anymore.  (Mom throws books in trash can)
And, you won’t be needing this.  (throws child’s math electronic device in trash can) 
Toy Device: Math is fun.
Because with Common Core,
reading is not important.
And the good news about
Common Core is that
you’re going to be spending
the day filling out
standardize tests.
We’re going to need you
to go undercover.
Now your name is
The Wolf.  (puts ill-fitting wig on child)
And this hat is to prevent  (puts tin foil hat on top of wig)
the Common Core Pod People
from reading your mind.
Keep it on at all times.
You’ll need to wear these
goggles in case they try to
put a microchip in your eye.  (puts large goggles on child)
You don’t want that.
And if they ask you to join
a mutant army, say yes,
but signal us with this.  (gives child large/bulky 1980’s type walkie-talkie)
And if you get into real trouble, you may need
to blast your
way out.
So use your
disintegrator. (gives child colorful toy ‘stun gun’)
Got it?
If you have any questions,
you can ask your sister.
She went through
Common Core years ago. (sister appears in hallway carrying heavy and large books)
You off to fight in the
mutant army hon? (Mom asks daughter)
No. I’m starting my
first day of college.
What are the books for?
Um…Comparative Literature,
Calculus, and Art History.
We thought Common Core
got rid of those things.
Guys, no.
Common Core is just some
standards my teachers use.
So, you know, we can get
into college, and get a job,
and hopefully move out of
our crazy parent’s house.
But they did put a microchip
in your eyeball right? (mother asks daughter)
I gotta go.
Wait, what’s 2 + 2? (father hysterically yells)
Is it a 100?!
Honey calm down.
Is it a 100?!
[music playing]

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Let the elites from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, national/state politicians and bureaucrats know exactly who is *misinformed*.

For more reading, check out CAP Tries To Be Funny, and Dies from Peter Greene.  For a primer on how these educrats keep repeating *misinformation* about the standards and how to truly educate others and not stoop to CAP’s or The74’s, (Campbell Brown’s ed reform group) ad hominem levels, read Neal McCluskey in Getting the Common Core (and Federal) Facts Right:



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