The above statement describes the attitude of the entrenched educational reformers.  They could care less what parents, taxpayers, and those opposed to CCSS think. So some members of the group writing standards for ELA 6-12 decided to take the highway and write a minority report which will contain standards aligned to HB1490.  Those leaving the education establishment members are refusing to acknowledge the autocratic control of the group which makes a mockery of the power of the legislature.

The following report from the ELA 6-12 Work Group was reported in the Missouri Torch. Please read the article in the Torch that has the statement from the group which left to write a minority report and watch the video that Duane Lester took of their meeting on Monday.


Contentious Workgroup Replacing Common Core Standards Splits in Two (Video)

Despite being removed by Speaker Tim Jones, Nick Kremer attended yesterday’s English/Language Arts 6-12 workgroup, prompting several of the members to leave the group.

In a prepared statement, workgroup member Heather Drury said, “We feel the legitimacy and integrity of the workgroup has been jeopardized by Nick Kremer refusing to remove himself once former Speaker Jones officially unappointed him for not meeting the qualifications of the statute,” she read.

“Furthermore, it is in our opinion that since he has continued to have a seat at the table and contribute to the group, as well as have a vote on key issues, that any work completed since his removal by the Speaker is not valid and can be called into question at any time by the State Board of Education.”


When the group announced they were leaving, members of the professional education coalition basically encouraged them to go, saying it would probably be best if they left.

So they did:

(Watch the instagram of members leaving on The Torch).

The professional education coalition rejected Speaker Tim Jones’s authority to removal Kremer from the group in December, “voting” to keep him on the workgroup despite Speaker Jones’s actions. They made it clear during this meeting they feel no one has any authority over the workgroup except the workgroup.

It’s unclear what will come of the different reports generated from both groups, but it was generally accepted in the group that both would likely be rejected by the State Board of Education.

Nick Kremer is a known supporter of Common Core, the standards being replaced in this workgroup. It could be a reason why the supporters of government run education want to keep him onboard.



A group member who is joining the new group to write a minority report stated:

As a member of the ELA 6-12 Workgroup, it is no longer possible for me to do any meaningful work alongside the members who are clearly pro-common core.  They outnumber us in the group and therefore silence our voice.  There is a gentleman who was mistakenly appointed  early on and when he was removed by the former Speaker, he refused to vacate his post.  In fact, he continues still!  Even after the new Speaker made new appointments and he was not included on the appointment list, he still maintains a seat at the table and has been granted voting rights by the pro-common core contingency.  This group also refuses to seat the new speaker’s appointee who has replaced him.

This corrupt system refuses to let us participate in the process and so, it has become incumbent upon us to separate from the majority-group.  When the system supersedes the legislative process it is time to exit the system to create a document in the spirit and directive of HB1490.



The ‘my way or the highway’ graphic may be found here.  From the website:


Autocratic Leadership

A Style of Leadership That Doesn’t Create High Performance

Autocratic leadership has a time and place (as do all leadership styles), but mostly it causes under-performance …

Traditionally, most organizations were/are run by men. As we are all very aware men and women have been designed very differently. Mens’ basic design is for reproduction and survival … in other words sex and killing – a primal instinct that is steeped in the need for power and control. And, unfortunately in many organization’s today we have females feeling they need to mimic their male counterparts in order to succeed!

In most societies it is no longer acceptable for men to rape and plunder … so, how does this primal instinct manifest itself in today’s society? Through the Autocratic Leadership model that we see in 94% of organizations around the world.

And when you get leaders who have spent little time in self-examination you get the behaviors of competition, control and dominance showing up.

The Autocratic Leadership Style … telling people what to do, when to do it and running the organization with an iron fist – ala ‘The Apprentice’ – enables the people running organizations to meet their instinctive needs (even though) they may not recognize or admit to them.

Look to any of the truly great High Performance Organizations (Southwest Airlines, Virgin, General Electric, Saturn Car Company, Johnsonville Foods, Colgate-Palmolive, The Body Shop) and you will see that their leaders are men and women who have been able to move away from the Command and Control model – who have successfully removed their egos and their need for Power and Control from the business.


When a group has determined it has more power than the Speaker of the House and political appointees inform the Speaker of the House how the ‘rules of the workgroup’ will be and who is considered an appointee and who is not, you have a perfect example of the Command and Control model.  That system does not allow true discussion and ignores the dictates of the bill.  It is time for the other members who want to create authentic state led standards and adopt/adapt from research/data based high performing state standards (not NGO created standards) to write their minority report and present it to the State Board of Education.

Anne Gassel

Anne has been writing on MEW since 2012 and has been a citizen lobbyist on Common Core since 2013. Some day she would like to see a national Hippocratic oath for educators “I will remember that there is an art to teaching as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy and understanding are sometimes more important than policy or what the data say. My first priority is to do no harm to the children entrusted to my temporary care.”

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