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A dossier of sorts was compiled by a police officer on an Connecticut citizen organizing an anti-Common Core informational session.  Maybe the police officer didn’t like that the dissenter is a Republican or is a ‘birther’.  Is dissent by a citizen with such credentials considered patriotic or a threat to the State?

From Greenwich CT and Bob Horton: Police captain confused ‘service’ with ‘surveillance’:

One day in late August, local political activist Arthur “Cort” Wrotnowski placed flyers on car windshields in the Island Beach ferry parking lot, hoping to drum up a crowd that would listen to his take on the perils of the Common Core, the controversial federal and state educational reform initiative.

His flyers were not compelling enough to get people to give up the outdoors on one of the last beautiful Friday nights of the summer; only two people attended the early evening event at Town Hall on August 28. But the one-page notice did catch the eye of Greenwich Police Captain Mark Kordick, head of the Detective Division and an almost three-decade veteran of the force. He immediately drafted an email to School Superintendent William McKersie, informing the schools chief of the anti-Common Core meeting. That set off a chain of events that resulted Thursday in First Selectmen and Police Commissioner Peter Tesei starting an investigation into Captain Kordick’s behavior.

At issue in the investigation are questions about the proper role of police in civil society, and whether Captain Kordick’s actions went beyond acceptable police behavior.

In an email sent over his signature as Captain of Detectives, Kordick told McKersie about Wrotnowski’s plan to hold a public forum in Town Hall “in the event your office wanted to send an official (or off the record) representative to attend the public event.” He attached a scan of the flyer and identified Wrotnowski as “among other things, (he is) apparently both an anti-Common Core activist and participant in the anti-President Obama “birther” movement.

McKersie replied that he and his staff knew of Wrotnowski’s opposition, but would not be sending a representative to the event, off the record or otherwise.

The head of detectives sent a second email to McKersie, after the anti-Common Core confab, with this report: “I’ve been informed that the meeting was sparsely attended. Other than Mr. Wrotnowski only two persons appeared to be in attendance at around 7:30 p.m. That headcount is exclusive of an amateur videographer who was recording an impassioned PowerPoint presentation being given by Mr. Wrotnowksi.”

“It’s outrageous,” Wrotnowski said when I spoke to him earlier this week. He had received copies of the emails in mid-September. “I am puzzled why they would have a problem with someone talking about public education in a public setting. Frankly, I still am under the foolish impression that this is America and it’s still your right to speak freely. (The police) feel perfectly free to skulk around in the shadows.”


The article continues:


In another email exchange this week, Kordick took serious exception to my characterizing his actions as police surveillance. “Use of the term ‘surveillance’ implies some manner of surreptitious monitoring…This is not a case of anyone being ‘under surveillance,’ but rather me simply paying attention,” he wrote. Finding a flyer in the Island Beach parking lot is just “paying attention.” The captain of detectives providing a report to the superintendent of schools on a political meeting and the politics of a private citizen is not just “paying attention.” It is completely inappropriate police behavior.

Kordick also wrote, “Mr. Wrotnowski has been quite unabashed about his political leanings, is a member (or perhaps recently a former member) of the Republican Town Committee and established a measure of notoriety with me and others when he initiated a lawsuit against Connecticut’s Secretary of State over the inclusion of Barack Obama’s name on the Presidential ballot some years ago citing ineligibility based on Mr. Obama’s birthplace. I know these things about Mr. Wrotnowski because he is a long-time, notable and outspoken member of the community where I also live and have been a police officer for nearly three decades – not because he is the target of a secret government conspiracy. If you’d like an official denial, to the best of my knowledge, Mr. Wrotnowski has never been under surveillance by me or any other member of the Greenwich Police Department.”

“To be honest, I’m surprised that you, Mr. Wrotnowski or any other member of our community would find the idea of public employees being attentive to conditions and aware of the social and political environment both in Town and among its residents to be objectionable. Commitment to our community and its values by Town workers is one of the things that makes Greenwich a great place to live,” Kordick added.

Kordick’s choice of language is interesting, He says the Police Department is a community services agency, and that his interest in Mr. Wrotnowski is an example of his “commitment to our community and its values.” I am sure Captain Kordick genuinely believes what he writes, and that should be very concerning. One of the most senior police officers in town, the man in charge of all detectives, thinks this level of attention to people’s political views and actions is part of his job.


What would you think if a police captain had alerted your school district of your involvement (and right) in dissent of a school policy that was detrimental to students and circumvented the political process?  Are you a serious threat to the State?  Maybe you are.  The Common Core State Standards Initiative is so much *more than standards*.  When the police track and arrest anti-CCSS speakers, you know there is a larger agenda to protect other than *just standards*.  We saw that happen in New Hampshire when a father was arrested for speaking out of turn.  William Baer was trying to ask questions and apparently didn’t understand how school districts utilize The Delphi Method in ‘discussions’:


“He spoke out of order,” Gilford Police Lt. James Leach told WMUR-TV.

“Someone else was given the floor and was speaking. He interrupted them and continued after being asked to stop.

“He was then asked to leave and refused to leave unless he was arrested, so he was arrested.”

The station said Baer believed his First Amendment rights were violated and plans to protest his bust.

He faces a fine of up to $1,200.

Describing the meeting, Baer said, “It was basically you make a statement, you say what you want, and you sit down and shut up. That’s not how you interact with adults.”

“It was extremely frustrating that I couldn’t make any points with anybody,” he told the station.


Remember the dad in Maryland who was arrested in a school meeting about CCSS?



The Sikeston (MO) School District figured out how to reduce the bad publicity about citizen questions and dissent on CCSS by changing the time of a school board meeting (without notice), thereby reducing the chances of parental arrests of those protesting the adoption and implementation of the Initiative.   From How Not to Get Arrested at a School Board Meeting While Speaking Out Against Common Core:


So here’s a way to not to get arrested at a school board work meeting while stating your concerns and trying to deliver a petition with 500 anti-common core signatures:

The school board refuses to put you on the agenda because it says it’s too full and changes the meeting time without informing the public.

The television news coverage below says the work meeting started at 5:00 PM, but comments on the FB site from attendees say the meeting started earlier than 5 PM.  I can’t find school board documents on Sikeston to see what the usual start time is for the meeting and if notice was sent out about the time change 24 hours before the posted time.  I can’t even find a school board agenda for the school board from this month or previous months.   There is some question on whether taxpayers were given notice of any time change within 24 hours of the meeting as required by policy.


This is the New America (how’s that *transformation* working out for your freedom of speech) and the squelching of dissent when it collides with the CCSSI agenda:

  • arrest parents who become frustrated with The Delphi method of school board meetings and try to speak *out of turn* (gasp)
  • change meeting times of a school board meeting to prevent opposition of the School Board’s agenda
  • a police captain (who doesn’t like a taxpayer’s political views) advises a school district of a CCSS meeting by a long-time, notable and outspoken member of the community  who is unabashed about his political leanings, is a member (or perhaps recently a former member) of the Republican Town Committee and established a measure of notoriety with me and others when he initiated a lawsuit against Connecticut’s Secretary of State over the inclusion of Barack Obama’s name on the Presidential ballot some years ago citing ineligibility based on Mr. Obama’s birthplace because that citizen is a threat to the community?


The examples above are not only a threat to the CCSSI agenda, they threaten the bureaucratic machine which uses taxpayer funding to dissuade and shut down any dissent.

The *patriot* graphic may be found here.  This website that takes on both the left and the right might be under surveillance with its push back against the President.  Wonder if the police department is monitoring it for its stance?

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