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Common Core realities don’t match the Common Core theories

Over the last 12 years of teaching, I have certainly seen a change in students overall.  But it hasn’t been until the last roughly two years that I have seen the most dramatic and alarming changes — changes that I did not contribute to Common Core, because it wasn’t until the beginning of the this school year that I had been informed that the curriculum changes had already started to occurred in Illinois two school years ago.

A teacher explains how Common Core is negatively impacting her students.  From The Common Core Nightmare: The Negative Impact Of Common Core Curriculum On My Students in


The consequences of Common Core curriculum has already reared its ugly head.  And I am stunned and alarmed by the effects it has had on my students. This article is not a philosophical evaluation of the Common Core initiative; it is not speculation based on the potential outcome that the curriculum may have on students.  It is a firsthand account of how Common Core is currently influencing individual students in the areas of math, writing, and critical thinking/information analysis.

It is both shocking and disturbing to see the effects occur so quickly; the curriculum and changes in methodology has only started in the 2011-12 school year, and has yet to be fully integrated in Illinois public school classrooms.  Only certain components of the curriculum has been applied to date; given the negative outcome in students thus far, I am worried about what effects it will have when it is fully applied. I am not just worried.  I am desperately and utterly fearful of what this federal mandate will do to our nation’s educational system.  I am frightened by what they will do to our country’s children and scared by what kind of society America will have in 20 years when these children grow up after being educated for 13 years using Common Core curriculum, teaching methodologies, and practices.

For those of you not informed about the specifics of Common Core, these statements may seem extreme and dramatic.  I can assure you that they are both, and for good reason.


Read more here.  Maybe the standards/CCSS aligned curriculum should have been field tested before they were implemented to determine if they would deliver the promises of increased competency?  Just a wild thought.


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