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As seen on Facebook.  Is this true?

This Facebook message has been circulating in several anti-Common Core groups.  Would children actually be threatened with a fine anywhere from $750 to $30,000?  The language mirrors that in the copyright notice from the US Copyright Office:

us copyright notice

Would this copyright infringement language apply to students?  Read this from Truman University in Missouri:

truman copyright

This notice should put a hold on the goal of collaboration (a 21st century skill) for students:

truman copyright 2

I have an idea.  Let’s all write the CCSSO and ask the organization if it would fine a minor with copyright infringement talking about the copyrighted assessment he/she took at school.  With the amazing transparency CCSSO has shown (not) over the last several years,  the private organization probably will not be quick to either confirm or deny the parent’s statement.  So what do you think?  Would CCSSO threaten elementary, secondary and high school students with copyright infringement?  My bet would be yes, it would.  Heck, it won’t even allow the teachers to see the assessments  so secrecy seems to be the vocabulary word of the day.

If your child takes an assessment and has to agree to this language, please let us know in the comment section, what state you are from and what grade was tested.  You might also want to contact your state senator and representative to let them know one of the many problems of agreeing to implement CCSS and its copyright language and possible fines.


Gretchen Logue

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