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Screenshot from yahoo news about Common Core from The Daily Caller (2014). If faulty mathematical reasoning is accepted as ‘totally right’, will a creative answer also be marked correct?


A mom in the fight against the CCSSI sent this via social media.  Sharing with her permission.  It’s priceless:




Mom writes he’s a great speller but he was rushing to get this done. He’ll be embarrassed to see his spelling error.  He may have been in a hurry to complete the explanation of the problem that he finds tedious, but he’s learned to play the game so he won’t get in trouble. Mom thinks her son may have inherited her gift of snark!  Regardless, it’s a very creative answer to a homework problem.  Mom  hopes the teacher has a sense of humor.  Wonder if creativity is measured on a data set?


The 3 x 4 = 11 video may be found here.



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