Oliver Stone, crunk, gender equality and more scheduled at the NCSS conference

Did you know St. Louis is hosting the National Council for the Social Studies annual conference in November 2013?  It is especially “exciting” with its emphasis on aligning Social Studies lessons with ELA Common Core standards.  From 93rd NCSS Annual Conference:

With the theme Gateway to the Core of Learning, the conference will feature more than 100 sessions addressing the Common Core ELA Standards for History/Social Studies, providing classroom-ready resources to help you meet the Common Core Standards, and provide great content across all social studies subjects: history, geography, economics, civics, social science, and behavioral science. The conference will also feature the new C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards. Join C3 writers, reviewers, contributors and others to explore this landmark document and get practical tips on how to use it.

For every social studies educator working with Common Core, literacy, and social studies standards, and for everyone looking for social studies content to transform and invigorate their teaching, the 2013 NCSS Annual Conference is the place to be!

What are some of the topics listed?

900 Susan B. Anthony’s Trial, Social Justice and Common Core Connections

Teachers will use primary sources from Susan B. Anthony’s trial for illegally voting in the 1872 presidential election to make Common Core connections and teach students to work for social justice.

Fri, 11/22/2013 – 9:00am – 9:55am


Kenneth Anthony, Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS, US

385 Reading and Listening with Purpose: Controversial Lyrics and the Common Core

This session will demonstrate literacy strategies aligned with the Common Core Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies for teaching about controversial issues using song lyrics as non-fiction text sources.


Fri, 11/22/2013 – 9:00am9:55am


Rachel Bender, Morehead State University, Morehead, KY, US; Kimberlee Sharp, Morehead State University, Morehead, KY, US

293 Pop Culture in Social Studies: Using Superheroes to Engage Students

Familiar formats like superheroes, trading cards and action figures engage and motivate students. These strategies immerse students in social studies via pop culture, and help build Common Core connections.


Fri, 11/22/2013 – 10:05am11:00am


Quinn Rollins, Granite School District, Salt Lake City, UT, US

298 Gettin’ Crunk with the Common Core

Crunk teaching, like crunk music, fuses different elements to create something cool and new. Discover 20 web tools for remixing projects that span the Common Core, with real student examples.


Fri, 11/22/2013 – 4:20pm5:15pm


David Clough, Henrico County Public Schools, Richmond, VA, US; Alfonso Favale, Henrico County Public Schools, Richmond, VA, US; Frank Fitzpatrick, Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD, US

(MEW note: Here’s an explanation of “crunk”)

917 Creating Global Citizens

New Global Citizens helps teachers to build students’ Global I.Q. through project-, problem- and inquiry-based learning, digital literacy, Common Core connections, and leadership training.


Fri, 11/22/2013 – 5:25pm6:20pm


Lisa Glenn, New Global Citizens, Tempe, AZ, US

719 Gateway to Diplomacy: Middle School Model UN, Building Negotiation and Compromise!

Learn the benefits of implementing Model UN and including Common Core curriculum in your school for the purpose of debate, resolution writing, and interpersonal skills in a cooperative learning environment.


Sat, 11/23/2013 – 8:00am9:00am


Christa Evans Heath, Holcomb Bridge Middle School, Alpharetta, GA, US; Pamela Roach, North Cobb High School, Kennesaw, GA, US

770 Missing Muslim Heroes: Inspiring Stories You Haven’t Heard

Their biographies grace few library shelves, but humanitarian Muslims like Abdelkader embody our deepest values and provide role models for us all alike (as well as great Common Core readings).


Sat, 11/23/2013 – 9:15am10:15am


Kathy Garms, Abd el-Kader Education Project, Elkader, IA, US; Barbara Petzen, oneblue, Washington, DC, US

727 Social Studies Common Assessments Aligned to Common Core Assessment Methods

Learn about the assessment methods used by Smarter Balanced and PARCC for the Common Core State Assessment and see examples of K-12 social studies common assessments aligned to these methods.


Sat, 11/23/2013 – 10:30am11:30am


Natalie Bolton, University of Missouri- Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO, US

(MEW note: Social Studies are NOT Common Core standards but are ALIGNED to the assessments)

852 Raising Children to be Global Citizens Takes a Village

Foster globally interconnected citizens by organizing service learning community projects while meeting the challenges of the Common Core Standards to ensure initiative and independence in young adults is mastered.


Sat, 11/23/2013 – 2:45pm3:45pm


Abby Lavery, School District of Lancaster, Lancaster, PA, US; Mario Nieves, School District of Lancaster, Lancaster, PA, US; Phil Siegrist, School District of Lancaster, Lancaster, PA, US

409 Common Core Literacy and Inquiry Strategies to Investigate Climate Change

This workshop helps teachers scaffold core literacy strategies tied to the Common Core Standards to deeply engage their students with the topic of climate change.


Sun, 11/24/2013 – 8:00am10:00am


Mark Baildon, National Institute of Education, Singapore; James Damico, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, US

  • Fri, 11/22/2013 – 9:00am9:55am    267

    Discover a research based and practical framework using moral dilemmas from historical and contemporary individuals to engage and amplify student’s reasoning skills in large class discussions. All grade levels.

    Jordan DeLay, Community High School District 99, Downers Grove, IL, US; Carolyn Flores, Community High School District 99, Downers Grove, IL, US; Elaine Marinakos, Community High School District 99, Downers Grove, IL, US

  • Fri, 11/22/2013 – 10:05am11:00am    America’s Ballroom Lobby

    Transform your classroom into an emotionally safe environment geared to deliberate controversial topics so students will be prepared to challenge global injustice and promote the common good.

    Wendy Scott, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, US

  • Fri, 11/22/2013 – 2:10pm3:05pm    America’s Ballroom Lobby

    Transcend traditional media in your current issues class! This poster highlights the use of hip hop and popular Egyptian music to explore Arab Spring and current issues in Egypt.

    Omar Hafez, Kafr el Sheikh University, Kafr el-Sheikh, , EG; Ryan Knowles, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, US; Jennice McCafferty-Wright, University of Missouri and North Callaway R-1 Schools, Columbia, MO, US

  • Fri, 11/22/2013 – 3:15pm4:10pm    127

    To prepare students to challenge injustice and promote the common good, we must “reground” America’s core beliefs through the rule of law: the foundation for equality, fairness, and social justice.

    Timothy Isaacs, Center for Teaching the Rule of Law, Salem, VA, US; Michael Pace, Jr., Center for Teaching the Rule of Law, Salem, VA, US

This is just a small excerpt of the 100 sessions to be held over two days.  Do you spot an agenda?  Will “crunk” make kids globally competitive?  Is this a new definition of rigor?  Were the founders more interested in social justice or individual liberty?  Is social studies more about “the common good” or “freedom”?  Why do we need to “reground” America’s core beliefs through the rule of law?

Read through all the topics and send us the sessions you find most alarming (if you do).

From a Missouri Mom:


From the same group pushing the big National History/Social Studies Common Core Conference:  The National Council for the Social Studies here:

This taken from their web site:

(You will find much information about their agenda, and how to deal with people like us.  They give a detailed outline on how to shape public opinion here: ).

Here is what the National Council for the Social Studies says:

From their own “tool kit”:

Today’s Social Studies

Too many people equate social studies to what they remember from their school days—no matter how long it has been since they were in school. We need to communicate that social studies is changing to meet the challenges of today’s world. It is not enough for students to memorize dates or locations on a map. Today’s social studies provides students with the knowledge, critical thinking skills and experiences that will allow them to grow into effective citizens.


NCSS defines social studies as “the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence.” That definition should be the foundation for this campaign.

It’s essential that everyone involved in this advocacy effort adapts this view of social studies to their message. Because public policy issues—such as health insurance, immigration, the global economy, and foreign policy—are multidisciplinary in nature, understanding these issues and developing solutions to them require an effective multidisciplinary preK-12 education in social studies.

Shaping Attitudes

The point of any public relations effort is to shape someone’s or some group’s attitudes regarding your organization or project.

Pat Jackson, a highly-respected PR counselor in New Hampshire, defines public relations as building relationships that change attitudes to bring about desired behaviors.

Our task is to create an accurate understanding of the value of social studies education and what people can do to help social studies educators teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective citizens.

“Accurate Understanding” as defined by whom?  This is NOT okay.

And who is deciding what an “effective citizen” really looks like?  Do you think this is really bi-partisan?  My idea of ‘effective”  looks totally different than that of a progressive.  Does yours?

Read between the lines.  You know EXACTLY what this says.  History is “old fashioned” just like the math that expected correct answers.   Social Studies that focuses on creating effective global citizens is where we are headed.  Global citizens who abide by and value the United Nations Earth Charter ABOVE our declaration of Independence!  That is what this is about.  This is so infuriating and insulting.  We must not rest until we put a stop to this.


Maybe you would like to attend and see a celebrity such as Oliver Stone speak to his vision of American history.  From Oliver Stone’s Untold History: A Twice-Told Tale:

I wanted to like Oliver Stone’s new documentary, The Untold History of the United States, really I did. After all, here is the maker of films positing a conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy and exposing the criminal history of the Vietnam war promising to unveil the suppressed truth about America’s role in the world. With the Usual Suspects attacking Stone before the first part of this Showtime series was ever released, I was eagerly looking forward to a scathing critique of the American empire’s long bloody rampage through the history of modern times.

I should have known better.

Stone, is turns out, has been engaged in some false advertising. For what he has produced, at least so far, might be better entitled “A Twice-Told Tale” — because the narrative he presents was told first by official Soviet “historians” and their fellow-travelers in this country, albeit without the hi-tech enhancements and prominent platform available to Stone. And if you think this is just cheap red-baiting, then go on over to Digby’s site and watch chapter one.


Read more here


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