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Has our educational system moved from a rule of law (republic) to the rule of a few (oligarchy) via the Common Core States Standards Initiative?  Is the Common Core State Standards Initiative the vehicle for the rule of a few over the many?

If you examine the political structure and history of the initiative, the answer is a resounding yes.  State educational agencies (SEAs) have constitutionally been tasked with setting the educational direction/development for their citizens.  There has been encroaching Federal centralization to limit the powers of the state and local districts in decision making for their schools long before the Common Core States Standards Initiative was adopted and implemented.  If schools/districts/states do not meet goals set by Federal Agencies (testing goals, healthy eating goals, etc) funding is in jeopardy for the schools and SEAs.  The Federal government has allowed private organizations to fashion public policy (benefiting those private companies) without legislative approval or public vote.  The public/private partnership survives on public money but without public input.

The rule of law is superseded by mandates crafted by private non-governmental organizations complete with threats of the withholding of governmental funding by the Federal government.  This sums up the history of the CCSSI experiment in a nutshell.  Can any CCSS supporters contradict the assertion that the adoption/implementation circumvented the political process of having state legislatures and the voters decide if they wanted this plan?  One elected official (the governor) in Missouri signed onto the theory of the standards (they were not yet written).  The rest of the signatories are political appointees.  Does the governor have the authority as governor to violate state statutes and deliver education development to private organizations?  Has Governor Nixon effectively shredded the state constitution and allowed the establishment of an oligarchy in education?  Have all the governors signing on to the initiative allowed the destruction of the republican form of government in their states with their intent to adopt the standards?

Below is a video explaining the five forms of government: Monarchy, Oligarchy, Democracy, Republic, Anarchy.  The narrator states that the fall of the republic begins when democracy begins to become predominant: if more than half the people can be persuaded to want something in a democracy, they rule.  However, this adoption/implementation wasn’t really even put in front of the taxpayers for persuasion via the democratic or republican process as the adoption/implementation of the initiative was largely hidden from them.  It still is.  The information from the CCSSO and NGA is not discoverable as they are private organizations, even though they are using taxpayer money for their plans.  This is no way an initiative that reflects the rule of law or even the wishes of the people.

Watch the video Understanding Different Forms of Government and see if you are in agreement that the adoption/implementation of the CCSSI illustrates oligarchic form of rule.  Review the process of adoption/implementation of Common Core and determine if it followed the rule of law.  Are the governors via the private organization (The National Governors Association) wielding power the rule of law did not afford them?  These governors leapfrogged in the “Game of Politics” having to persuade the people and landed on the oligarchy “we control everything” space.


Narration on the fall of Rome:

The essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government.  When government power grows, people’s freedoms recede.  Once the Romans dropped their guard (reference to the increasing control of the government over the people) power seeking politicians sought to exceed the power granted to them in the Roman constitution.  Some learned that they could elect politicians who would use government power to take property from some and give it to others.

…Eventually the whole system came crashing down; they went from a Republic to a Democracy and ended up with an Oligarchy under the progression of the Caesars.  Thus democracy itself is not a stable form of government, instead, it is the gradual transition from limited government to an unlimited rule of an oligarchy.

Knowing this, we as Americans are ultimately left with only two choices: we can keep our Republic as Franklin put it, or we will inevitably end up with an oligarchy of tyranny of the elite.

The public/private oligarchs have succeeded in obtaining a monopoly on public education development and delivery while ignoring the rule of law.  That’s the upshot of the Common Core States Standards Initiative.







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