champis the rabbit
A rabbit herding sheep is about as ridiculous as Arne Duncan controlling state educational development/delivery.


…and superintendents, principals and administrators as sheep being herded by a pretend sheep dog.  Champis, the Swedish rabbit, assumes the authority of the sheep dog and apparently the sheep are too clueless or dull to realize an imposter has replaced the dog.  What does the sheepdog represent?  He represents the state constitutions which grant the authority to state/local school districts to craft educational development and/or delivery for their citizenry.  The sheepdog should not be usurped by a rabbit to a do a sheepdog’s job.

From the

In the video, the sheep are seen obeying the rabbit’s every command while Champis appears to be revelling in his new role.

So effective is Champis, that he only needs to take a few steps towards the herd to make them move.

At one point they appear to fall into line, in perfect formation.


Message to administrators: Say no to the rabbit! He doesn’t have the authority you think he does.


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