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How can you argue with the meme above? The Chamber of Commerce insists it wants qualified workers and the way to get there is via Common Core. This isn’t a known blueprint for creating workers as there is no research or data to support the Chamber’s claims, but it is a talking point designed to create support and the Chamber is determined to talk parents and other naysayers into accepting theory for fact.

Chamber businesses should be concerned that the national Chamber is promoting theory over fact and the insistence that workers should be trained by the schools to meet business needs. Can the chamber members point to exactly what jobs they are creating in the 21st century? Would they please share them with the rest of us?

Bob Sikes reports the Chamber was quick on the draw trying to rebut George Will’s article on the fallacy of Common Core in Chamber of Commerce Strikes Back at George Will For Criticizing Common Core:

It took only a few hours for US Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas J. Donahue to respond to conservative columnist George Will’s shredding of Common Core and its proponents. Will  called out the Chamber and others for engaging in “political dishonesty” intended to keep Core’s “nature and purpose to remain as cloudy as possible for as long as possible.”

Writing in the Washington Post, Donahue “set the record straight” with the usual talking point that Core”prepares students to succeed in the 21st-century economy.” Like all Core-ists, he doesn’t say how he knows this nor does he have data which supports such an airy claim. Donahue also trotted out the dubious claim that Core was a “state-led effort” while ignoring what Will characterized as “the purchase of the state’s obedience” to Core with Race to the Top grants.

Methinks the CEO doth protest too much, methinks.

Read more here.

Watch for more pressure from the Chamber and Pearson.  When you’ve lost George Will, even the Fordham Institutue knows trouble is ahead for Common Core.  From The Principled Opposition to Common Core:

Yesterday’s column by George Will condemning Common Core is a very bad sign for the standards’ advocates.

I suspect that many Common Core backers on the political left either don’t know much about George Will or reflexively dismiss him because he’s a conservative. As a general matter, that’s a shame, but in this particular case they should pay close attention.

And fast.

…Common Core advocates should keep all of this in mind as they glibly extol the virtues of embracing common standards, of setting a national bar for excellence, of following an exquisitely crafted set of learning goals fashioned by experts. They should keep it all in mind as they respond to criticism with answers amounting to “there’s nothing to worry about, we have this under control,” or—in moments of weakness—something more condescending.

George Will’s column isn’t the real story here. It’s what the column represents: the quiet but growing and hardening principled opposition to Common Core.

You can read the rest of the article here.  It’s a surprising piece from Fordham but as Chester Finn described CCSS as “building the airplane as we are flying it”, maybe it’s a think tank watching the plane crashing.


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