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Invitation to attend discussion on CAP Testing bill of Rights to support ‘better, fairer and fewer tests’. It’s really to stop parental opt-outs. Cancelled due to ‘conflict of speaker scheduling conflicts’….or lack of interest by parents? From Exceptional Delaware.


Savvy parents/taxpayers know what lipstick on a pig looks like.  Latest case study and dolled up pig is the Testing Bill of Rights with the hashtag #testbetter. Center for American Progress is attempting to talk parents into supporting that their children take fewer NGO standardized tests and hope to convince them to stop opting their students out of the assessments:

cap testing 1 is an organization that is supposedly protecting parents and students from obsessive standardized tests.  The Center for American Progress owns this website:

test better go daddy


Center for American Progress (CAP) is the organization producing the video via Funny or Die marginalizing parents who oppose Common Core.  CAP ridiculed these parents, portraying them as *misinformed* crazy people who told their kindergartner that she would be exposed to endless standardize (sic) tests.  From the funnyordie transcript included in MEW’s previous post:

Are you excited about your
first day in kindergarten honey? (Parents talking to their daughter)
Yeah. Well, since you’re
starting school,
you are starting a new
program called Common Core.
Which means you won’t
be needing these anymore.  (Mom throws books in trash can)
And, you won’t be needing this.  (throws child’s math electronic device in trash can) 
Toy Device: Math is fun.
Because with Common Core,
reading is not important.
And the good news about
Common Core is that
you’re going to be spending
the day filling out
standardize tests.

CAP makes fun of parents/taxpayers concerned about the amount of standardized testing, yet at the same time, gives parents a chance to sign a Testing Bill of Rights which would eliminate the number of standardized tests that the crazy parents are concerned about.  CAP ridicules parents in a video, then launches a ‘parental friendly’ petition demanding that they channel their paranoia (which apparently is reality) into action by reducing the amount of standardized tests.  Got it?

This is one of the faux parental rights organizations and/or individuals (all supporting NGO written common standards/ assessments, data mining and data sets) who do not have your student’s concerns as their primary goal and have partnered with CAP or supported its mission:

  • National PTA
  • The New York Urban League
  • The National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP)
  • Higher Achievement New York (HANY)
  • Educators 4 Excellence (E4#)
  • America Achieves

Read Delaware Governor Markell’s (*)remarks supporting the above organizations and the need for parents not to opt out, but rather, agree to fewer NGO standardized tests/assessments:

“To ensure that all students are prepared to succeed, states and school systems must strike the right balance of requiring effective assessments that help track student progress while eliminating unnecessary and ineffective tests and making sure testing does not take up any more instructional time than necessary,” said Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (D). “We all should be able to agree that high-quality assessments play an essential role in making our continued progress and improvement possible. Thank you to CAP, the National PTA, civil rights groups like the Urban League, and all of the other partners who have worked on this Testing Bill of Rights and giving state and schools across the country the chance to unite around vital goals that we all share.”


(*)Misinformation alert: effective assessments should be decided on the state/local levels not via ESSA federally sanctioned educational standards/policies, effective assessments should be validated (which current assessments are not), decreased testing time for unvalidated testing is still a waste of time for students and takes away instructional time, these assessments are not high-quality, these tests are not a guarantee/measure that students are prepared to succeed, the ‘vital goals’ Markell supports are not ‘shared goals’ by a growing number of parents who prefer to opt-out of these assessments.


A Delaware father has created an authentic parental bill of rights for parents to sign and demand their right to opt out of these NGO unvalidated tests as well as data mining.  The petition also protects parental choice of education delivery for their children.  From The Parent Bill Of Rights For Education:

Since the Center for American Policy, Delaware Governor Jack Markell, and the President of the National PTA want to get 10,000 signatures on their Testing Bill of Rights within the next month, I think it is only fair parents who opt their children out of high-stakes assessments do the same.  With that being said, this article needs 20,000 commenters, or official signatures, within the next month.  We need to tell these corporate education reformers: NO MORE!  If we get 50,000, even better.

Our parental bill of rights regarding opt out or refusing the test bill of rights will be a work in progress, morphing and changing based on the need.  We will make sure every single legislator and decision-maker as it pertains to education in our country has a copy of this.  Parents and guardians are the stewards of our children, not corporations and politicians.  They are not “your” property.  They are unique and individual.


Access the petition here.




Definition of parent: any biological parent, or a parent through legal adoption, or foster parent, or guardian, or court-appointed guardian, for children through the ages of birth to 18 or 21 with guardianship through the end of an IEP, whichever is later.

Whereas parents have been given the responsibility to raise a child and to help guide them to adulthood, as their primary caregiver, and

Whereas parents, through United States Supreme Court decisions and other laws, have the right to decide what is best for our children in education matters until they come to a legal age when they are able to make those decisions on their own, and

Whereas, we believe public education should be reserved for the public at large and not the corporations, be they profit or non-profit, and that decisions based on education are best made at the local level, and

Whereas, we believe any assessments given to our children should provide immediate feedback for the student, teacher, school, and parent as defined for the sole purpose of giving reasonable and interpretive analysis of academic progress for our child’s allotted grade.

Whereas, as the caretakers of our children, we demand that decisions regarding data and the collection of data are parental decisions and that we furthermore have the absolute, unconditional right and ability to consent or not consent to any sharing of said data

(1) As parents, we have the fundamental, moral, and constitutional right to make decisions on behalf of our children in regards to their education.

(a) This includes the type of school we decide they go to, whether it be in a traditional school district, public charter school, vocational school, private school, home school, or home school co-op.

(b) This includes our ability to refuse or opt our children out of standardized assessments despite accountability measures placed upon a school.

(1) Once we have submitted our letter indicating our choice to refuse or opt out our child, we shall receive no verbal or written words meant to threaten, bully, or intimidate, in an effort, whether intentional or coincidental, to coerce us into changing our minds.

(2) We expect our children to receive instruction while their peers take the state assessment that is of equal or greater value to the type of instruction they would receive prior to or after the administration of the state assessment.

(3) If our child is forced to take a test after we have already given our consent to refuse or opt out, we reserve the right to call the local police and press charges against the local education administration.

(4) If we witness parents who are bullied or intimidated, we will advocate on their behalf with their consent, if they feel they are unable to do so.

(2) We reserve the right, as dictated by United States of America Federal Law, Title 34, Subtitle A, Chapter 1, Part 99.32 (b), to request all personal identifiable information sent as data or official records to all parties indicated in the entirety of Title 34, Subtitle A, and to receive the entire list of all those who have disseminated, received, or researched said data, and to receive such record keeping as required by federal law, within the 30 day timeframe.

(a) Parents also reserve the right to have any aggregated data on our child, which could conceivably set up a pattern of identification based on our unique and individual child’s health records, social-emotional behavior, discipline, socio-economic, or any such identifiable trait or history of said traits, be banned from any education research organization, personalized learning computer system, or blending learning computer systems, standardized assessment(s), or any other form of educational environment practice or computer-based digital learning environment, whether it is through algorithms already built into a system or any other form of data collection that does not include the legal definition of personal identifiable information, at our request.

(1) This would also include any State Longitudinal Data System, or any Federal system, up to and including the Federal Learning Registry, a joint system shared by the United States Department of Education and the United States Department of Defense.

(2) Parents have the right to reject any “competency-based education” decisions for our children that we feel are not based on reasonable, valued, well-researched, or statistically-normed guidelines or analysis.

(3) Parents may freely reject any form of data collection, data-mining, or data sharing that would lead to our child having a pre-determined pathway to a career based on any such data unless we give consent for said behavior, before the actual data collection, data-mining, or data sharing by any education agency or institution, and as such, we reject and forbid any trajectory-based decisions for our child unless we have given complicit consent.

(3) For any education decisions regarding our children that we, as parents, feel is not safe, or is inadequate, or is unhealthy for our children, we hereby reserve the right to be able to give public comment to any governing body, without incident or refusal, based on compliance with existing, applicable, and reasonable rules of public meeting conduct, based on our First Amendment Rights.

(4) As parents, we reserve the right to gather, discuss, and give advice to other parents or concerned citizens, in any public meeting or gathering place or social gathering place, whether it is physical or on the internet, without censorship, removal, or banishment, based on existing, applicable, and reasonable rules of conduct set forth by the host of the public meeting place or social gathering place.

(5) Parents have the right to lobby elected officials or local school board officials or state board of education officials, regarding pending, suggested, or passed legislation or regulation, that parents deem harmful to their child or children in general, without cause or incident, based on existing, applicable, and reasonable law.

(a) We expect our elected officials, based on their availability, to make every concerted effort to personally respond to our request(s) and to not send a generic form letter, but rather to constructively engage with parents to the same effort they would with any official registered lobbyist who is paid to do so.

(6) As parents, we reject the ability of corporations to “invest” or “hedge” in education with financial predictors of success, including social impact bonds, or any other type of investments where financial institutions or corporations would gain financial benefit or loss based on student outcomes, as we believe a child’s education should be based on the unique and individual talents and abilities of each child, not as a collective group or whole.

(7) As parents, we believe our child’s teacher(s) are the front line for their education, and therefore, have the most immediate ability and responsibility to guide our children towards academic success, and therefore, should have the most say in their instruction.

(a) Therefore, we believe no state assessment can give a clear picture of a teacher’s ability to instruct a student or group thereof, and therefore, we reject any evaluation methods for teachers based on high-stakes standardized testing.

(b) Therefore, we believe a teacher’s best efforts should remain at the local level, in the classroom, and not to conform to a state assessment or to guide instruction towards proficiency on a state assessment, but rather on the material and instruction present before the students based on the material and instruction they have learned before.

(8) We reject any basis of accountability or framework system meant to falsely label or demean any teacher, administrator, school staff, or school, based on students outcomes as it pertains to state or national standardized assessments.

(9) As parents, we are the primary stakeholders for our child’s education, and therefore demand representation on any group, committee, task force, commission, or any such gathering of stakeholders to determine educational decisions for children, be it at a local, state, or national level.

(a) We demand equal or greater representation on any such group as that allotted to outside corporations.


If you are a parent against the NGO ed reform takeover of public education for workforce concerns, sign the parental rights petition today.  Do not be misled by a ‘testing bill of rights’ that keeps common standards, data sets, assessments in place.  Sign the petition that is a true ‘parental bill of rights’.  Either you want to have a ‘right’ for tests or a ‘right’ as a parent.  You choose.








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