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From The Daily Signal: “I don’t think they waited long enough for this common core to produce something outstanding so that we could say, ‘I think we should do that”.


When a person has lived 100 years, they’ve had a myriad of experiences.  They’ve witnessed political upheavals, recessions and boom times, and in education, the wars of pedagogy and curriculum.

Watch the video of this centenarian’s viewpoint of Common Core at The Daily Signal.


You’ve got to love an experienced teacher who speaks in terms a parent can understand and relate to, rather than the jargon the teacher uses in the video following Mrs. Scotto’s.

Mrs. Scotto says, “They’re making it more complicated as far as I’m concerned.”


She is a Math Bee coach at St. Ephrem’s Elementary School in New York and her students, present and former, sing her praises:

“Many students through the generations have been influenced by this amazing woman,” the school wrote on its Facebook page, where parents and former students shared their well wishes and memories.

“Most amazing teacher I ever had. I will never forget her positive influence,” wrote Lisa LoGiudice Lubrano.

“I had Mrs. Scotto in the 3rd grade and I love math to this day because of her. So glad my kids were able to learn from her since she preps them for math bee for the last seven years,” wrote Tina Fevola Nash.

“She taught my mom, brothers and me. Spanning nearly 75 years. Amazing woman. She rocked! I remember her teaching fractions in 3rd grade,” wrote James Stawniczy.

“Mrs. Scotto was hands-down the best math teacher I ever had. She never gave up on me and is always spoken of with warmth as I tell my students how important it is never to give up on themselves. She is a treasure!” wrote Karen Long Bloch.

“She is the best math teacher my daughters ever had. She has touched the lives of thousands of students in the very best way. She taught then that everything is possible when you try your best. Educator of the year, woman of the year, congratulations Mrs. Scotto and may God bless you,” wrote Nancy Bongiovanni.

Scotto said all she asks of her students is to be the best they can be.

“That’s all I demand of my students,” Scotto said.

This experienced teacher asks students to be the best they can be.  Her educational objective is not an outcome based blueprint to fit the USDOEd’s goal of equity.  Her objective is not part of endless check mark boxes the teacher has to fill in so his/her school can be ultimately deemed ‘effective’ or ‘ineffective’. Ms. Scott is a teacher who has students reach their personal excellence goals vs centralized NGO/USDOEd defined common goals for students that ultimately either punish or reward schools.

Who would you rather your student learn from in the classroom?  A teacher like Mrs. Scotto or this teacher in the comments from the The Daily Signal article?  Thanks to mathematician Ze’ev Wurman for cutting through the jargon (like Mrs. Scotto) of a teacher wanting to adopt international educational standards (which is illegal and just ‘who’ would set those…the UN?) to explain what children really need in math:

Mrs. Scotto

Published December 9, 2014






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