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CCSSO statement on Arne Duncan’s recent departure:


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CCSSO mentions that it has been an honor to work with him in the pursuit of better outcomes for all kids.  He is a sincere, committed leader who has been a partner with state chiefs in advancing student achievement for all kids.

That’s a very special partnership a federal government political appointee has with state government bureaucrats (state education chiefs).  The vast majority of parents concerned about this public/private partnership never had the honor to work with him.  In fact, Duncan dismissed parental concerns and stooped to name-calling those who disagreed with his agenda.

Concerning his partnership with a private NGO for the takeover of public education via mandates and waivers, well, that circumvents the political process of state legislatures setting budgets and policies for its state educational agencies.  It’s ironic that CCSSO provides leadership, advocacy, and technical assistance on major educational issues to the Federal Secretary of Education.  I thought that was the job of state education chiefs and their state educational agencies.  Why did those bureaucrats obtain advanced educational degrees and training if CCSSO is setting educational reform?

Is the CCSSO providing only assistance when it owns the copyright for the Common Core State Standards?  That sounds more like control of a private organization over public education standards.  When the rule of law doesn’t mean anything any more, leadership, advocacy, and technical assistance on major educational issues can mean NGOs can mandate its way (with the partnership of the USDOEd) on how students are educated in your state and how much it’s going to cost your legislature/school district.

If Arne Duncan was truly a champion for students across the country, he would have set a better example by following the rule of law, rather than issuing illegal waivers and coercing states via financial sticks and carrots to surrender their constitutional duty to set their educational development/delivery.  What kind of role model is he for the current generation of students?  Pro-CCSS teachers and educrats supporting the process that they so desperately say they need in CCSS somehow then support the circumvention of process in the adoption/implementation of CCSSI.    By ignoring the rule of law and allowing the education reform du jour adoption, that’s what CCSSO has implemented with the partnership of Arne Duncan and the USDOEd.



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