Data Collection

U.S. House hearing on student data gathering shows no limits on the federal desire to know everything about our children

Karen Effrem of Education Liberty Watch has once again put together a powerful letter explaining the privacy problems raised by the proposed reauthorization of the Education Sciences Reform Act (ESRA),…
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EWA2017: “Nation’s Education Reporters Confident They’re Making a Difference” Is the Job of an Education Reporter to Learn How to Write PR Instead of the Facts? Philanthropists, NGOs and EdReformers Hope So.

            The Education Writers Association (EWA) is the invitation only event for writers covering education.  The title of this article was taken from EWA's website…
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Should The Geneva Convention Be Applied in Schools to End Collective Punishment? .It Depends on Your Definition of War.

  An eleven year old girl recently made internet news when she declared collective punishment should not be used by her teacher as it violated  The Geneva Convention. The Daily…
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