A mother writes:

1st grade test. His answers are correct, but the teacher marked them wrong. Apparently there is more than one correct answer.

1st grade CCSS

There IS more than one correct answer.  And remember, this is 1st grade CCSS aligned math.

I got a call today from a parent stating his 1st grade daughter is crying at home after school.  According to the parent, this is unusual and new behavior for this child.  Could lessons like this be contributing to the stress of 6 year old children?  Remember child psychologist Megan Kochnick’s video about expecting inappropriate responses in young children:


consequences for children


It is clear that the standards are requiring answers from children they are not developmentally able to provide. Isn’t this child abuse? Parents would be investigated by the Department of Family Services in demanding behavior that their children could not exhibit due to their stage in development; why aren’t school administrators held to the same expectation?


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