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We have officially crossed over into the Land of Make Believe by holding young children responsible for childish behavior with adult consequences. From The California Daily Breeze:

Carson is moving to become the first California city to criminalize bullying, paving the way for misdemeanor charges to be filed against children as young as 5 years old.

If the City Council puts its final stamp of approval on the plan May 20, the new law would take effect June 19. On Tuesday, all five council members voted tentatively to push through the change in the city’s Municipal Code.

“This is a very serious issue that we face not only in the state of California but throughout the United States,” said Councilman Mike Gipson, who introduced the ordinance and is spearheading a campaign to make Carson “bully-free.”


Imagine what that data set will look like for a 5 year old who has the maturity of a 5 year old and calls someone a “doo-doo head”.  If a child calls someone names numerous times, the data could include criminal misdemeanor charges for the infraction.  Could it also include a kindergarten kiss on the cheek?  If that is considered sexual in nature, probably so:

Carson officials want to make it clear to bullies that the behavior — whether it’s physical, sexual, online or verbal in nature — won’t be tolerated, no matter the age.

The ordinance would target anyone from the ages of 5 to 18 who makes another person feel “terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed or molested (in a way that) serves no legitimate purpose.” First-time offenders could be ticketed for an infraction and fined $100. For a second offense, another infraction ticket would be issued but with a $200 fine. Third-time offenders could face a criminal misdemeanor charge. Adults who bully would be charged with either an infraction or a misdemeanor, which could come with jail time.

 “I know that people don’t want to hear the word misdemeanor, and I also know that something needs to happen relating to kids preying on other children,” said Gipson, who is running for a state Assembly seat in the June primary election. “That’s not right. If a child is bullying someone and a parent has to pay a $100 fine as a result of that, a responsible parent will realize their child needs some help.”


Have officials totally lost their minds?  The school administrators who bully parents and taxpayers when they try to talk about objectionable material in classrooms or for Common Core concerns  aren’t being held responsible for their childish behavior and we are now targeting children as young as 5 years old?   Reformers and legislators want everything equitable, right?   The adults should certainly be held to a higher standard than minors.


Many parents and taxpayers have felt terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed or molested (in a way that) serves no legitimate purpose by superintendents and administrators in school board meetings when trying to voice their concerns about Common Core and curriculum concerns.  States have been terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed or molested (in a way that) serves no legitimate purpose by Arne Duncan if they don’t agree to federal mandates via waiver and State Stabilization Funding.  I hope if this law passes, taxpayers hold the adults in the schools and state/federal agencies responsible for their bullying behavior.

Here are some comments from the Yahoo site on this story:

I spent two tours in Vietnam fighting a enemy that I was told was abusive and inhuman.
I think I was lied to this country is inhuman. No other county in the world will do this to their own children for just being children.
No other country in the world puts children in prison or charges them as adults at same time saying they are not old enough to vote or have sex because they aren’t adults.
Sorry but if anyone here supports this and the other abuse’s we do to our children in the name of the law and false protecting them you all need to learn the truth.

This is not just Calif. this goes on across this country ..we politically and legaly abuse our children and ruin their lives with a criminal record for minor things that kids do.

Is this the USA I fought for and you want????
I think I fought on the wrong side.


I am disgusted with my country and ashamed of what we do to our own people while condemning other countries for doing far less.


Note, this article says it applies to anyone who “feels” terrorized. You cannot base laws on feelings. They must be based on specific actions. Otherwise, the system is a joke and fertile ground for fraud and abuse. As for civil punishment of 5 year old kids who are sometimes feeling emotions for the first time… I wonder if the city council is itself engaging in bullying.


I can hear the 911 calls now- my five year old is terrorizing his little sister. Come and arrest him.






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