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Why does Bill Gates believe he has the authority to set educational development/direction for American public education?

Bill Gates tells us once again how misinformed those of us are who oppose Common Core.  He wrote an op-ed in USA today Bill Gates: Commend Common Core.  Apparently we should all appreciate his efforts because he has assumed the newly created position of Emperor of Education for the United States of America and has decreed:

We need education reform and this is the best way to fix school for our kids.

This is your chance and tell him that you are not misinformed and do not appreciate public education being sold to private corporate interests.

Here’s MEW’s response to his claims:

As Bill Gates has sunk anywhere from $140 Million to $200 Million into various special interest organizations to get Common Core adopted and implemented into schools, he obviously has a vested interest to see it succeed. He will also have a continuing interest as computer technology (Microsoft of course) is mandated in all states adopting CCSS.

This is a remaking of the political process in America. Talk about fundamental transformation of America indeed. This process circumvented state legislatures and voters and should be tossed out on its face for its adoption. The governors, state commissioners and state boards of education basically entered into Memorandums of Understanding with private organizations, the NGA and the CCSSO. These are not governmental agencies; they are private organizations receiving stimulus money from the Federal Government via the USDOEd.

If you believe and adhere to the rule of law, this process is illegal. If you believe we should have “choice architects” to tell us how our tax money should be spent designed for our schools with no input, then you love what Bill Gates has written.

This is a desperate public relations stunt. Common Core is not a law; is it is a massive Federal stimulus program creating mandates for states which state legislatures never agreed to and voters did not vote for. I would like Bill Gates to address this fact before he has the audacity to determine he has the authority to direction and develop education policy for American public education.

Don’t fall for his straw man argument.

He really does think we are stupid and inept.




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